Winterization for Property Managers and Realtors

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Protect your vacant properties from
costly frozen pipe repairs this winter.

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Vacant properties are most at risk. Every year we see $1,000’s in property damage that is 100% preventable.

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Can’t I Just Turn Up The Heat?

Meteorologists are calling for a cold, wet winter in the Upstate. A full winterization is the only way to guarantee you won’t have a plumbing emergency during extreme cold weather events. Icy roads plus power outages are a dangerous combination for vacant homes.


What’s included in a professional winterization? 

The water is turned off. All water is drained from the system and an air compressor is used to push any residual water out. Water heaters are turned off and drained down. Non-toxic antifreeze is added to toilets and drains. 

What types of pipes freeze?

This is a good place to distinguish between pipes freezing and bursting. A frozen pipe, in itself, doesn’t cause water damage*. Any pipe can freeze. Some pipe materials are more prone to bursting. A burst pipe is how a house floods. 

PEX is the least likely to burst, but there are no promises. The age of pipes and the number of fittings also play a critical role in the susceptibility of pipe damage.

*Freezing isn’t good for pipes. If a pipe freezes, it should still be inspected for any damage or weak points. This pipe may benefit from insulation to avoid future issues. 

How much does winterization cost?

The winterization process takes two-three hours when done right. For residential properties up to 3 1/2 baths in size, the cost is $310. A poolhouse or other small property starts at $232. Commercial properties and larger homes will need to be quoted over the phone or email. 

What about de-winterization?

When warmer weather comes around or a home inspection arises, the property needs de-winterizing. The de-winterizing process is a full reversal, includes a leak inspection, and takes up to three hours. We understand that real estate transactions happen on a tight timeline. While we prefer two to three days notice, we will do our best to accomodate de-winterization requests.

How soon should I winterize?

It might be a while before really cold temperatures hit. While pipe damage is most likely to happen in below freezing temps, it can happen anytime. As a non-emergency appointment, winterization is subject to availability. Please take that into consideration as winter weather approaches.

How do I schedule service?

You can call our office, send a work order via email, or book using our online widget. 

Do you bill me or my client?

That is entirely up to you. We can handle billing directly with your property owners or we can bill you directly.

No obligation to purchase anything!

I have been using All Clear Plumbing for the past 3-4 years. I have always found them to be both friendly and professional. Their rates are reasonable, and their work is top notch. In addition, they usually were able to schedule a visit on the same day or a day later. Whenever I have asked for advice they have provided it (free of charge). I strongly recommend this company. Joseph Mariano