Winter CheckUp

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Winter is Coming!

Don’t let your pipes get caught out in the cold! Instead, get your house ready for cold weather with this great deal.
(Rather DIY? Scroll down for a free downloadable pre-winter checklist.)

*Where available/as needed. **Price includes one faucet insulator. Additional insulators are available where needed. Disclaimer: The check-up is intended as an assessment of your home plumbing’s preparedness for winter. Price does not include any recommended repairs or services that arise from the inspection. This check-up does not create or imply liability for All Clear Plumbing in the event of frozen or damaged pipes or plumbing fixtures now or in the future.


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Why a Pre-Winter Check-Up?

Frozen pipes are no joke! Plumbing supply system failures cost an average of $5,092 per incident – after the deductible. An average of a quarter of a million homes each winter are affected by pipes freezing and breaking. We aren’t safe in the South either – pipe failure is twice as high in the South than in the North, due to differences in building standards.

Do you know how to shut off your water?

Perhaps the most valuable part of this check-up is making sure you know how to react in case of an emergency. In the event that pipes freeze, knowing how to shut your water off is incredibly valuable. In fact, it can be thousands of dollars difference in water damage.

What does the condition of my hose faucet matter?

Outdoor spigots are one of the most common places for freezes to happen. Drips or leaks invites frozen pipes, creating pressure in your water lines that cause damage or flooding.

Why should I clean my sump pump?

Sump pumps (if you have one) are exposed to extreme cold, due to their location. Just like any mechanical device, freezing can hurt their operation. That’s why sump pumps should be cleaned and checked annually. Fall is the perfect time to take care of this.

Why should I disconnect my hose?

Leaving your hose connected through winter is inviting all kinds of trouble. If the water in your hose freezes and expands, it can cause faucets and connection points to freeze and break. A frost-proof hose bibb doesn’t help in this case – in fact, it can make the situation worse creating damage further inside your home.

Why should I flush my water heater?

The winter months are hard on your water heater. Flushing removes sediment buildup, which can cause corrosion and shorten the lifespan of the water heater.

What isn’t included in the check-up?

While we will bring your attention to vulnerable areas where frozen pipes are likely to occur, this inspection does not include pipe insulation. Pipe insulation service is available for an additional fee. This check-up is also not a winterization service. If your home is going to be vacant for extended periods during cold weather, we recommend having a winterization service completed.