Why do I need a PRV?

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If your plumber recommends a PRV, or pressure regulating valve, it is because the water pressure coming into your home is dangerously high.

Why is high water pressure a bad thing?

It might feel lovely in the shower, but high water pressure is as dangerous for your home as high blood pressure is for your body.

Your homes valves, pipes, and fixtures are built to tolerate water pressure up to 70 PSI. The ideal water pressure is 60 PSI or less.

Constant high pressure that exceeds factory recommendations damages the plumbing of your home.

What type of damage can high water pressure cause?

Living with high water pressure is like having a ticking time bomb in your homes plumbing system.

Some people get lucky. Others don’t.

At a minimum, high pressure shortens the lifespan and voids the warranties of faucets, toilets, water heaters, and other plumbing fixtures.

It is not unusual to find:

  • dripping faucets
  • water heaters releasing the pressure valve
  • running toilets
  • bad gaskets
  • leaking pipe joints
  • noisy pipes or water hammer

In addition to being annoying, these symptoms typically increase your water bill too.

Still, those are the lucky ones.

On the other end of the spectrum, it is possible that high water pressure can cause catastrophic and expensive water damage to your home.

On the other end of the spectrum, it is possible that high water pressure can cause catastrophic and expensive water damage to your home.

Pipes may burst, your water heater may fail, and your home can flood. Those are the unlucky ones.

Are you willing to take the risk?

How do PRV’s work?

PRVs are a mechanical valve that throttles water from the city as it flows into your house. It creates a bottleneck, providing your home with a reasonable and even water pressure.

Why do I have high water pressure?

City-supplied water pressure varies drastically from place-to-place. In the Upstate, our water pressure is excessively high due to our hilly geography.

It is not unusual for unregulated city-supplied water to be as high as 150 PSI!

Will I notice the PRV?

Visually, it is unlikely that you would see the PRV. It is usually installed in your crawl space, in a garage, or underground.

You may experience noticeably lower water pressure either throughout your home or at specific fixtures, depending on their location.

Can I turn the water pressure back up if I want?

A PRV is more like a dimmer than an off/on switch. Once installed, the plumber can adjust the settings to dial your pressure up or down.

Our goal with a PRV is to create safe, consistent water pressure for your home. There is certainly an upper limit to what we can safely recommend, we are happy to work with you to find a comfortable setting.

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