Toilet Trends to Get Your Behind Behind

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If you have an old, outdated toilet – you might not know what you are missing! There is a ton of really amazing toilet trends out there you should be privy to.

All Clear Plumbing is here to help. We’ve got toilet ideas galore on the next few pages. If you decide you’re ready to do a new loo, give us a call.

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Toilet Trends to Get Comfortable

comfort height toilet vs standard height

Comfort Height

Comfort height is a marketing term for an ADA height toilet. When we talk about a toilets height, we refer to the measurement between the floor and the rim.

Standard toilet height is 14-15 inches. However, comfort height is at least 16 1/2 inches and can be as much as 19 inches. Those additional inches are great for keeping you comfortable while on your throne.

All Clear Plumbing is happy to install customer supplied fixtures.Shop for your own comfort height toilet.

elongated seat vs regular round toilet seat

Elongated Seat

Elongated seats are more oblong shaped than a round front toilet. The difference might look minor, but it doesn’t feel like that on your tush.

When you have the space, it is recommended that you get the elongated seat. They do take up a few more inches of space, so consider your bathroom dimensions.

All Clear Plumbing is happy to install customer supplied fixtures.Shop for your own comfort height toilet.

Toilet Trends to DIY

  • Heated Seats. An easy DIY add-on that will really help on winter night-time potty runs.
  • LED Bowl Illumination. If you hate turning on the lights late at night as much as I do, this easy-to-install LED toilet bowl illuminator is an excellent idea.
  • Squatty Potty. Turns out, we are supposed to squat when we go. Supposedly, this keeps your butt from going numb too.

Space Saving Toilet Trends

wall mount toilets are becoming more popular for residential toilets.

Wall Mount

Wall mount toilets are gaining popularity in residential homes. That might be because the secret is out about how much easier they make it to keep a bathroom clean.

Making the change to a wall mounted toilet is not a small job. It requires bracing in the wall and a small re-route of the plumbing. Not to mention you’ll have a big hole in your old floor. For these reasons, only consider this option during a full remodel.

One-piece toilets are easier to clean but once it breaks you have to replace the whole thing.


One-piece toilets are exactly what they sound like. You might not have given much thought to the traditional two-piece, but they have a lot of nooks and crannies. Those nooks and crannies are hard to clean.

The downside is that if something breaks, the whole toilet goes.

Triangle toilet tanks can really save room, but might require plumbing to be reconfigured.

Triangle Toilets

If you are really pressed for space in a small bathroom, you can always consider a triangle tank. These allow a toilet to sit kitty-korner in a tight space.

These are neat because the tank is the only special order part. The tank sits on top of a traditional two-piece toilet. That means you can still use comfort height if it pleases you. (We wouldn’t recommend elongated though, if space-saving is your goal.)

Ask your plumber if the existing plumbing will allow for this. If not, it’s a matter of changing the location of the flange.

Smart Toilet Trends

Are you ready for a smart toilet?

Toilet Tech

If you want to skip all the add-ons and go for a toilet that does ‘all that AND a bag of chips’ – check out the booming smart toilet category. The jury is still though out on whether or not smart toilets are a good investment or just a bunch of bells and whistles.

With smart toilets, you can usually find features such as:

  • Built-in Bidet with Heated Water and “Massage Pulse Functions” (oh-la-la)
  • Warm Air Dryers
  • Heated Seating
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzles
  • Night Lights
  • Self-Closing Lids
  • Voice Enabled (Alexa and other Smart Home Tie-Ins)
  • Automatic Flushing

What will they think of next? Who knows! If you are interested in a smart toilet, be prepared for a hefty bill. Depending on exactly how smart you want your toilet to be, you may pay up to $8,000 per toilet (installation not included!)

America is catching on to the bidet.


Feeling European? Well, you aren’t alone. American’s are catching on to the luxury and cleanliness that a bidet can provide. The good news? You don’t need to add a second fixture or even completely replace your toilet.

There are plenty of attachment options that will transform your existing toilet into a bidet. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get fancy features like heated water, air drying, and even pulsing action. (We don’t judge.)

These often are DIY-deals, so here are some shopping tips:

  • Check the brand. Some bidets are universal fit while others are made to fit specific toilet models. Know what you are buying!
  • Stick with well-known brands. There are a lot of people trying to cash in on this trend and they aren’t all reputable.
  • Check the features. There is a wide range of available features, so read the fine print.
You can save a ton of water with low flow & dual flush toilets.

Low Flow & Dual Flush

If you are into being smart about saving water and money – low flow and dual flush are two ways you can do your part.

Old fashioned toilets used to use almost 4 gallons per flush. Newest tech gets that number as low as under a gallon. Standard energy-saver low-flow is 1.6 gpf these days.

Dual flush is related to low-flow but not necessarily the same. These are the clever toilets that feature a liquids vs solids option for flush volume and strength. Certainly a better solution than the old, “if it’s yellow let it mellow” mantra.

Both options are easily available and affordable. Consider pairing low-flow and dual flush for maximum Captain Planet brownie points.

Of course, if you want ultimate tree hugger (and space saving) status, check out the sink-twice. It uses hand washing water to fill your toilet reservoir. Genius.

DIY Toilet Tech Add-Ons

  • Leak Detection Devices. Leaks cost homeowners a ton of money in both wasted water and home damage every year. What if your toilet could alert you when it has a leak? Turns out it can.
  • Automatic Lid Closer. Look, this could save your marriage. Maybe just spend the $100 bucks?

Believe it or not, toilet innovation is happening every day. There are engineers with really boring careers and not a lot to talk about at dinner parties that can attest to that fact.

Why spend up to three years of your life sitting on an uncomfortable toilet? Use these toilet trends to make a savvy toilet buying decision.