Toilet Repair and Replacement

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All Clear Plumbing provides toilet repair and toilet replacement services in Greenville, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas. A leaking, rocking, running, or non-flushing toilet needs prompt and professional service.

All Clear is the clear choice.

Your toilet doesn’t work. That’s a big problem.

No, duh! <—- What you are probably thinking.

It’s easy to take toilets for granted – until you don’t have access to one!

It’s a giant hunk of porcelain – what could go wrong? A lot, unfortunately. It can be tempting to try to ignore or DIY plumbing problems.

The challenge is that sometimes, you don’t know what you are getting into.

People don’t think of a toilet as something that needs regular maintenance. Cleaning, sure. But maintenance? Nah.

The truth is, toilet problems are as diverse as they are common.

Leaks Can Happen Everywhere.

There are a lot of places that a toilet can leak. Here is a short list:

  • From the supply line.
  • From the base.
  • From the tank to the bowl.
  • From cracks in the bowl.

Some of these leaks are more serious than others. A leak at the supply line, base, or a crack in the bowl can damage your home.

Meanwhile, a leak from the tank to the bowl or a constantly running toilet can cost you hundreds of dollars a year in excess water bills.

Expect to change the ‘guts’ of your toilet’s tank every five years. More, depending on what kinds of cleaning products you use.

Toilet repair in Greenville, SC

Don’t Rock the Toilet.

It is common for a toilet to move a bit when you sit on it. We call that a ‘rocking’ toilet and it is bad. Many people ignore this, but it can cause serious issues down the line.

A toilet is supposed to firmly seal to the flange, which mounts to your subfloor. The first thing this does is protect your toilet from undue stress. It’s not made to move, especially not with the weight of a person on it!

A rocking toilet can and will break faster than one well installed. There is no reason a porcelain toilet can’t last twenty years or more!

Toilet replacement, Greenville SC

The second reason you don’t want a rocking toilet is that it is possibly the sign of a broken flange. Let’s talk about what a flange does.

A toilet flange is the fitting that connects your under-house pipes to your toilet. It is the hero we all need – the one that takes your waste away without any fuss or fanfare.

When your flange breaks, it can mean sewage is leaking onto your floor or under your house. Hopefully, we don’t have to explain why that is bad.

Don’t ignore a rocking toilet. Get it repaired today!

Whether you worried about damage to your home or a high water bill, getting your toilet repaired or replaced is a must.

All Clear Plumbing provides quality plumbing repairs (including toilet repairs) and drain cleaning services throughout the Upstate. We are happy to repair or replace your toilets.

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All Clear is the clear choice.

Recommendations for Long-Term Toilet Care

Toilet Repair: Always use a braided steel supply line.

These are all we carry on our trucks, and we won’t do a toilet repair without replacing with one of these. Plastic supply lines easily crack and easily freeze, creating a flood risk.

It’s details like these that make the All Clear difference. We care about the investment you have made in your property and will help you make the right decisions for long-term success.

Toilet Repair: Don’t just replace the flapper.

When we see a running toilet, we know all the parts are going bad. We always recommend a complete toilet rebuild. If you want to replace the flapper only, we recommend you DIY. It is straightforward to replace a flapper, but you might want the help of a plumber for a complete toilet rebuild.

This expertise and long-term thinking are what we mean by quality plumbing repairs.

Toilet Replacement: Comfort height-elongated is the way to go.

There are a lot of options out there for toilets. You probably don’t think of a toilet as a ‘comfortable’ seat in your house, but you should! ADA or ‘comfort’ height toilet seats are becoming standard.

And unless you are tight on space, an elongated toilet seat is much more comfortable.

We Recommend the Following Toilet Brands for Toilet Replacement

Gerber Toilets
American Standard Toilets


Gerber has been manufacturing since 1932. Founded by a Polish immigrant, they continue a long tradition of strong customer service and dependable products.

Gerber Avalanche Toilets have been rated a “Best Buy” from a leading consumer magazine.

American Standard

American Standard is a leader in innovation and WaterSense technology. The company has been around for 140 years. They pride themselves in making life healthier, safer, and more beautiful.

American Standard toilets are known for a strong flush. They have a wide range of pricing and great features.

Other popular brands of toilets include Toto and Kohler.

Keep in mind that Toto and Kohler tend to use more custom parts, and can be more expensive to repair or perform maintenance.

Drain Cleaning for Toilets

Of course, as a plumbing company, many of our toilet related calls are about flushing issues.

There are a few reasons why your toilet may not flush:

  • There is a clog at the toilet
  • There is a clog in your main line
  • There is a problem in the tank
  • There is a clog in your venting
  • The jets are clogged

Sometimes a toilet, not flushing is as simple as a broken flapper chain.

Clogs of All Kinds

A toilet clog can be simple or incredibly challenging to fix. We use a variety of tools to overcome a toilet clog.

Make sure you have the right kind of plunger by your toilet. If the plunger won’t cut it, an auger might be necessary.

Augers are similar in concept to a snake machine. They break up a clog into smaller pieces, allowing them to move through the pipe. An auger is meant to go in the bowl of the toilet and clear out clogs that are before the flange.

toilet clogged drain cleaning greenville sc

Professional Machines for Toilet Repair

Snake machines are for toilet clogs that are beyond the actual toilet, in the pipes under your house. Typically, they require pulling the toilet.

Pulling a toilet isn’t easy or fun. Even for experienced plumbers, this is a bit of a chore. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

It is vital, when you a pull a toilet, to make sure it is put back correctly, so you don’t have any leakage issues.

Main Line Clogs

Drain Cleaning Machine

Sometimes a clog that appears in a toilet is really in the main line of your home. An excellent way to tell if you have a main line clog is to unscrew the cap on your clean-out. If there is standing water visible in the cleanout, you have a mainline backup.

Clearing a toilet drain often takes patience and a little elbow grease. It is an embarrassing and frustrating issue. Our staff of experienced professionals has seen it all before. You can’t surprise us!

Fair pricing, excellent quality, and great customer experience are what you get when you call All Clear Plumbing for toilet repairs. We service Greenville and Anderson counties and have emergency service available.

Give All Clear Plumbing a call today if you are having issues with your toilet.

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