5 Common Toilet Issues and How to Fix Them

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We’ve all had it happen to us. 

We make a visit to the restroom, and you guessed it, it doesn’t flush. It’s not the end of the world, but it might be a little embarrassing or inconvenient. 

Our toilets are one of those fixtures that we would rather use and forget about, so when we have toilet issues, most of us don’t have a clue what’s going on.

If you think it’s finally time to put the plunger to the bowl and figure out what’s wrong with your toilet, here are the five most common toilet issues and how to fix them!

1. Clogged Toilet

Clogging a toilet is among the most common of porcelain throne problems. Most of the time, it’s simply caused by too much toilet paper or—ahem—a heavy load. 

Fortunately, it can usually be fixed by a simple plunge. The suction of the plunger pulls out the clog, so you can properly dispose of it. You should always have a plunger on hand should this ever happen.

Always remember to not flush anything other than toilet paper. Paper towels and wipes, feminine products, and foreign objects should never go in your toilet. They get into sewage and can cause extreme blockages for sewer systems.

2. Toilet Isn’t Flushing

If your toilet isn’t flushing, it could be one of several issues. 

First, check to make sure your tank has enough water in it. If the tank isn’t getting enough water, it won’t be able to flush it down the drain. You can repair this by adjusting the float for the water level.

If this isn’t the problem, you may have an issue with your toilet handle. Make sure the handle is tightly screwed in. You can check this on the inside of your toilet by the handle, and if the nut holding the handle on is loose, simply tighten it to get your handle working again.

3. Running Toilet

Typically, a running toilet is a sign that the water level in your tank is too high or your flapper is damaged. You can easily find replacement flappers at the hardware store and install them yourself.

Or, it could be that your fill valve isn’t working properly. Again, you’ll just want to adjust the float for the water level. If this isn’t the problem, you may need to clean out the valves.

4. Leaks

Leaks can be difficult to handle and often best left to the professionals, especially if they’re at the base of the toilet.

If it’s not one of the other issues we mentioned, make sure to turn the running water off and call a plumbing service for leaks in pipes or elsewhere. You’ll get the best advice for the next step.

5. Toilet Takes a Long Time to Fill Up

If your toilet is taking a long time to fill up after you flush, it may be because the fill valve isn’t working properly. Make sure everything is clear in the fill valve, and it’s attached securely.

Also, don’t forget to watch for water drainage! When you’re unscrewing or taking apart pieces of the toilet, it’s best to have towels and a bucket ready in case there is drainage or excess water.

Toilet Issues Too Much?

Toilets are an essential part of your bathroom’s functionality. Don’t risk a mishap in the restroom. If you don’t feel confident enough to take a stab at fixing them yourself, you can always call All Clear plumbers to take a look for you. 

For all toilet issues and plumbing problems, All Clear plumbers are here to help you! Contact us to book your appointment.