Smoke Testing for Sewer Smells

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Smoke testing for sewer smells is a simple and effective way to track down that lingering stench that just won’t go away. We use a specialized piece of equipment to perform the smoke test, pumping non-toxic white smoke into your sewer system. Any cracks, broken connections, or bad seals on the sewer system are revealed when the smoke makes it presence.

Sewer smells are often traced back to dried up traps on infrequently used drains. But when that simple solution won’t cut it, finding the source of a sewer smell can be like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we turn to visual proof. Just like with the camera inspection system, seeing is believing. A smoke test for sewer smells can track down a hairline crack in a sewer pipe hidden behind a wall or under a floor. Those types of breaks in a sewer system would be almost impossible to find without the aid of a smoke test machine.

Smoke testing for sewer smells in Greenville, SC

All Clear Plumbing performs more smoke tests than any other plumbing company in the Upstate of South Carolina. We have the equipment and seasoned expertise required to take a frustrating and sometimes embarrassing situation and clear it up with ease. Most of the time, the actual repair is minimal and simple to complete once we have tracked down the sewer smell using the smoke detection equipment.

I was able to use my kitchen sink again. I recommend them.

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