Sewer and Drain Cleaning

AllClear 9:10 pm

Sewer and Drain Cleaning needs are often an emergency situation. Your house or property is seeing signs that drains aren’t working. Standing water, gurgling toilets, or overflows are all stresses on your sewer system and should be taken care of quickly. Don’t run any water you don’t have to until the plumber clears the clog.

All Clear Plumbing has several options for drain cleaning equipment – sized to the scope of the problem. From the lowly auger all the way up the hydro jet, we have the drain cleaning machine to match your problem.

Often, when sewer backup signs are showing in multiple areas of the home we are looking at the main sewer line. Typically accessed from a clean out on the outside of your house, this powerful machine can clear clogs caused by roots, foreign objects (like wipes), as well as food or grease build-up.

The plumber will decide which drain cleaning machine is appropriate for the pipe and individual drain cleaning situation. Sometimes, we will recommend getting a sewer camera inspection done after a drain cleaning. This is usually because there is concern that we only cleared the symptom – not the cause. If a sewer line is broken or has a bad root intrusion, a camera inspection can tell us the cause of the backup for sure.

Fast and efficient work! Highly recommend.