Sewer Clog Cleaning in Anderson, SC

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All Clear Plumbing is proud to offer a full array of sewer clog cleaning, Anderson, SC aoptions. Quickly dispatched from our shop in Piedmont, our plumbers have the experience and training to clear your clogged drain lines.

Sewer Clog Cleaning, Anderson, SC

There are lots of ways to clear a drain or sewer clog. First, let’s clear up some terminology:

Drain Cleaning‘ is a very generic term that includes any service that clears a full or partial clog in a drain pipe. The pipe may be underground or in your house at a fixture like your tub, toilet, or kitchen sink drain.

Sewer lines‘ and ‘sewer clogs‘ specifically refer to mainline pipes or clogs that are underground between your house and the street.

In the Anderson area, homeowners are responsible for clogs in their main sewer line. Once the clog is under the road, it is usually the responsibility of your sewer district. It depends on where the pipe connects to the district sewer main.

Cable machine‘ or ‘snake‘ or ‘rooter‘ is a metal cable with a hook on end, attached to a motor. We have various sizes of cable machines, which are most commonly used to clear waste clogs in drain lines.

Sink machine‘ is a smaller cable machine that is typically used … at a sink. It works best on pipes that are 2″ in diameter or smaller.

Kitchen plumbing repair drain cleaning

Hydro jet‘ or ‘jetting‘ or ‘water jetting’ or ‘pipe scrubbing‘ is a pressure washer for the inside of your sewer line.

These also come in various sizes – small, less mighty jetters can clean interior drain lines (although that is somewhat uncommon for residential homes.) The large jet machine may be used to cut roots from the inside of sewer lines or clear soft clogs caused by things like grease.

Master Plumber Scott Smith Using HydroJet
Large Hydro Jet Machine

A ‘blow bag‘ is a heavy duty bladder that is inserted into a drain and uses water pressure to clear the line.

Sink plungervs. ‘toilet plunger‘ both serve the same purpose and are great for clearing clogs before the trap (that U-shaped pipe right below your drain.). A toilet plunger looks a bit different because the neck is needed to form a tight seal around the outlet of the toilet.

An ‘auger‘ is a mini-snake that is used to break up solid matter up to the toilet trap. It is helpful in certain situations, but can’t reach past the base of the toilet.

The best drain opener for a clogged drain

Now you’ve got a basic understanding of drain cleaning and sewer clog terminology. Hopefully, this allows you to ask better questions and make informed decisions about your service.

Sewer Clog Services

All Clear Plumbing provides a full range of sewer clog removal, remediation, and maintenance services. We will get you all clear again when you need Sewer Clog Cleaning in Anderson, SC!

Our trained plumbers will go a bit further than that and try to determine the cause of your sewer clog. After all – no one wants to pay a big bill to see the same problem creep up again in a week or two.

We want to find a complete solution to your sewer clog problems, which requires a bit of problem-solving.

First, we start by determining the best drain cleaning method for your particular issue. This includes diagnosing the general location of the clog. Like if the clog is in a drain pipe within your system or if it is a main sewer clog.

Clearing a drain can take anywhere from a few seconds (it takes us longer to unload and set up the equipment!) to hours. It depends on the type of clog, the location, and how severely the clog is impacted.

Once we get the drain’s rerunning all clear, we consider a few things for further diagnostic:

  • Did the drain cleaning process reveal any apparent problems? Examples might be that our machine pulled back roots, ‘flushable’ wipes, or other items.
  • Do we have any reason to suspect the pipe is damaged or broken in some way? Sometimes experienced plumbers can ‘feel’ a broken pipe – but we want to go on more than a feeling so that we would recommend further diagnostics!
  • Is there a significant amount of grease or other soft substances clogging the line? This may require a secondary service like hydro jetting to clear completely.

Based on these findings, we may make an appropriate recommendation:

  • Most commonly, we recommend behavior change. Most people are confused or unclear on which items are okay to put down the drain.
  • Hydro-Jet cleaning. If there is a lot of grease in the sewer line, a good scrub is the only way to start fresh.
  • A camera inspection. The only way we can guarantee a sewer line is to do a camera inspection to verify the line is completely clear and uncompromised. Sewer cleaning guarantees are rare, so this is an excellent opportunity to ensure that nothing is wrong.
sewer camera inspection services
Sewer camera inspection

If we suspect that a problem in the line causes the sewer clog, sewer repair service may be necessary.

Sewer Repair Services

Most commonly, sewer repairs come after a sewer clog incident. After all, your sewer lines are underground and you can’t see, hear, or smell when they break. A clog might be your first indication of a problem.

Therefore, when something goes wrong, it is a cause for suspicion. Not every sewer clog leads to a sewer repair, but it is not uncommon.

Sewer repair services involve digging up the sewer line in your yard – either partial or in full – to repair or replace the pipe.

All Clear Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company with qualified operators on staff. The same plumber who cleared your drains will manage your case from initial cleaning through to a full sewer replacement, if necessary.

Our unique approach at case management allows you to build a relationship with someone you trust, and know that the person working on your home has all the facts.

Drain Cleaning Products

There are plenty of drain cleaning products out there that promise to get rid of your clogs. These DIY solutions are a mixed bag.

Here are a few things that are worth trying on your own:

  • Purchase an auger, sink plunger, and a toilet plunger. These are going to clear almost any fixture clog at a minimal cost.
  • Blow bags are relatively low-cost and easy to operate. Just be very careful to follow the directions, or you could damage your sewer line.
  • Enzyme-based cleaners and degreasers. In general, we aren’t a fan of drain cleaning chemicals – particularly the ones that come with significant, terrifying “hazard” warnings on the label.

Here’s the deal with caustic based cleaners – if they can “eat through” your clog they can eat through your pipe. Not in one use, but repeated use is going to lead to a whole house re-pipe over time. If you have galvanized drain lines, caustic chemicals are particularly corrosive.

Plus, these products are hazardous to use with drain cleaning machines. If you do decide to try a cleaning product first, let your plumber know. It’s a safety issue. We promise not to lecture.

If that stuff gets in their eyes or on their skin, it burns and can cause blindness.

The problem with the enzyme stuff and the degreasers is that they are only preventative. They aren’t going to help if you already have a clog. If you aren’t going to stop pouring grease down your drain, use them!

How much does drain cleaning cost?

Drain cleaning requires both specialized equipment, travel time to your home, and a highly trained worker. (Our apprenticeship program is a four year intensive with both on the job training and online schooling.)

The average price for Sewer Clog Cleaning, Anderson, SC is $250-$350 for a main line clog. Certain situations may increase that price.

Very rarely will a plumbing company give an estimate over the phone. That’s because we have no way to know what services you need based on description over the phone. We have to get eyes on the problem.

Beware of ‘hidden’ charges like dispatch fees, show up fees, or travel fees. All Clear Plumbing does not charge any of these within our service area. (Just a small travel fee if you are outside of our service area.)

What is the best chemical to unclog drains?

As we discussed above, no chemical is going to clear an existing clog safely. There are some tremendous preventative solutions out there, but a current clog requires an outside force to remove it.

Do it yourself drain cleaning?

It is possible to rent machines if you want to try to clear a clog yourself. An auger, toilet plunger, and sink plunger are must-haves for any home.

Be careful using too much force with drain cleaning machines – damaging your pipes is going to cost a lot more in the long-run. And remember – this is a dirty job!

How do you clean a drain naturally?

“Naturally” is a vague term. Our machines don’t use any chemicals, but you are probably thinking about pourable solutions.

There are various vinegar based and degreaser based solutions floating around on the internet. Our favorite is:

Start by placing:
1/2 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup of table salt
in your drain.

Follow that with:
1 cup warm vinegar

Let this mixture sit in the drain for about 15 minutes before rinsing with hot water.

(Yes, you are re-living your 3rd-grade volcano experiment here.)

This simple and natural solution won’t get rid of serious clogs, but it will help maintain your pipes over time. It does rely on a chemical reaction, but the ingredients are typically on-hand and about as natural as you can get these days.

How often should sewer lines be cleaned?

For most homes, sewer lines only need to be cleaned as needed. If you notice drains moving slowly or get a complete blockage – it’s time.

Sometimes preventative maintenance is recommended for sewer lines. These are typically extenuating circumstances and will be prescribed by your plumber if necessary.

Here comes the tough love: In most situations, human behavior causes sewer clogs. A well installed, unbroken, uncompromised sewer line should not require regular cleaning.

What do you do if your sewer line is clogged?

When your sewer line is clogged, it can cause a real moment of panic especially if you see rising water in your toilet or tub!

The first thing to do is to stop any running water.

  • Turn off the toilet at the supply line (the knob by the wall.)
  • If your dishwasher or washing machine is running, pause the cycle.
  • Don’t use any more water until the clog gets cleared.
Toilet shut-off valve

We often use water without thinking, so the last one may be harder than you imagine! A sewer clog in your main line effects every drain in your home. That sewage wants to escape from the point of lowest gravity.

To avoid that escape point being in your home, go outside and find your sewer line cleanout. Remove the cap. It’s better to have sewage flowing out in your yard than in your house.

If you don’t have a sewer line cleanout (or can’t find it) keep in mind that might mean that a plumber will have to remove a toilet in your home to access your sewer line. Toilet removal and replacement will increase the cost of your cleaning.

We always recommend having a sewer cleanout, for precisely this situation. If your home does not have one, we will provide you with a quote after service.

drain cleaning for sewer clogs, anderson sc
Sewer and drain cleaning from a clean out.

If you see standing water in the pipe when you remove the cap, it is a sign that the clog is between that point and the street. If there is no standing water, the clog is further up the line, under your house.

From here, you have the choice of either trying to find the clog to clear it yourself (if you have access to the right equipment). Or you can call a plumber.

One more time: Until the clog is gone, do not run any water!

Benefits of a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

A professional drain cleaning service from trained and experienced plumbers has a few advantages.

  1. Confidence that the clog is completely gone! We don’t leave your home until we are very sure we have cleared the clog. We may recommend additional diagnostic or drain cleaning services to ensure this.
  2. The confidence you won’t break a pipe. Drain cleaning equipment is powerful. It can easily cut through a drain pipe if not used correctly. Beware of this if you are trying to DIY.
  3. The ability to diagnose other issues. A clog might be the sign of more significant problems. The longer you put off these repairs, the more costly they may get.

Do you need a plumbing license to clean drains?

In the state of South Carolina, you only need a plumbing license to advertise or pull permits for plumbing repairs or installations. Drain cleaning does not fall under this umbrella.

It is still a good idea to work with a licensed plumbing contractor on all of your plumbing and plumbing-related home maintenance. Licensed contractors will be better positioned to help you in case of a sewer repair (something that does require a license).

Additionally, licensed contractors are expected to meet a certain standard of quality and experience. You don’t have to worry too much that you are in good hands with a qualified and licensed contractor.

At All Clear Plumbing, we like to think we lead the pack with both quality and customer service in the Anderson area, for both sewer clogs and plumbing repairs. As founders and sitting board members of the South Carolina Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors Association – we believe in the importance of quality contractors.

Our staff is highly trained and qualified to help with your sewer clog. Call today for scheduled, or emergency service – our friendly staff answers the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year!

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