Sewer Camera Inspection

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A sewer camera inspection is a perfect example of how a picture is worth a thousand words. Before sewer inspection cameras, plumbers had only their experience, intuition, and shovels to show them what is happening in your pipes underground. Now, with the use of these incredible fiber optic cameras, we can literally see underground.

In some cases, a sewer camera inspection can save thousands of dollars for customers. The uses are many, but most commonly they are used to help determine the cause of persistent clogs in a sewer line. By identifying the source of the problem and it’s location, it is easier to diagnose the scope of necessary repairs to keep the line from continuing backup.

In rarer cases, a sewer camera inspection can be used to map the path of a sewer line in a building. It can also help locate septic tanks and confirm that repairs or drain cleaning techniques have resolved a plumbing problem.

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