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What can go wrong?

Hot water could very well be the most vital necessity in a home. We rely on it for personal hygiene, doing laundry, cleaning and cooking meals for our family.

While hot water is vitally important, it can easily be taken for granted. Water heaters may be located in a garage, basement, attic or even a backyard of a home. Since they aren’t readily visible every day, they’re easily forgotten – until something goes wrong.

A water catastrophe within a home might often begin from a leaking water heater.

A water heater unit, which typically holds 40 to 50 gallons of water, has no sensor for knowing when water is being lost due to a leak. In a situation where the water is still on, that water heater will continue to try to fill up and thus continue leaking. For water heaters in a garage or another outdoor enclosure, the water damage could be minimal. For water heaters inside the home, the damage could be exorbitant.

A worst-case example could be part of a water heater rusts out and a leak begins a day or two after a family may have left on a vacation. By the time the family returns home it’s to a completely flooded house.

If you or your family is going to be gone days at a time, it might be a good idea to turn your water completely off.

How to turn off water

There are different ways of turning off a home’s water supply. In slab homes, a main water shut-off valve could be located in a garage or near wherever the water heater is installed. In other homes, the valve might be in a basement or crawlspace. Turning off a main water shut-off valve is as simple as turning the handle.

Another location for shutting off water can be found at the underground water meter. These are often located under an iron lid near the road in front of the home. To shut off the water here, the iron lid must be lifted off to access the turn-off valve. The easiest way to finish the job is by using water meter key to turn the valve. Water meter keys are long T-shaped devices that can be purchased online or at most home improvement stores and range in price from $10 to $20.

Once the water supply line has been turned off, indoor faucets should be turned on to ensure that all the indoor pipes have drained.

Vacation for water heaters

For those who don’t want to completely turn off the water, some water heaters come with a “vacation” mode that could prove beneficial. It can be accessed simply by turning a knob to a “vacation” setting typically found around the base of a water heater.

Vacation mode sees the water heater use the minimal amount of energy to flow water through the system. In the winter, this setting helps ensure a prevention of frozen plumbing.

In addition to being an environmentally-friendly, energy-saving setting, it can reduce utility bills. This setting reduces the water heater’s full operation as well. In turn, that reduces the risk of parts of the water heater wearing down and reduces corrosion and mineral build-up inside the heater.

Warning signs of a failing water heater

There are a few warning signs that your water heater is in need of repair or replacement:

  • If you have either just warm or no hot water at all, that’s an obvious sign something may be wrong with your water heater. Check to make sure the thermostat is properly set between 120 to 140 degrees and that the pilot light isn’t out.
  • Age is another easy way of knowing what shape your water heater is in. Most have a lifespan of 10-15 years. All Clear Plumbing can try to repair any water heater, but if one that’s at least 10 years old goes out, it just needs to be replaced. If your water heater’s located somewhere it could cause damage to your home, you shouldn’t wait for a leak to replace it.
  • If you discover rusty, muddy or sandy, there’s obviously a problem somewhere. Rusty water could be a sign that your water heater is rusting away on the inside. Muddy or sandy water can be a sign that sediment has started to build in your tank. Additionally, if your hot water has a metallic smell or taste that could be a sign that the tank is flaking away on the inside and mixing with your water.
  • In addition to possible muddy or sandy water, a sediment buildup will begin to harden which will cause rumbling or banging sounds from the tank as it heats up. Hard sediment also makes your water heater less efficient and can cause damage as leaks can begin to form.
  • Speaking of leaks, moisture surrounding the bottom of the tank is a sign that you likely have a leak. Although you should also check all the connections to make sure a leak isn’t coming from there before you replace the water heater.

When it’s time to replace, call All Clear

Some may not realize that in addition to being able to fix water heaters, All Clear Plumbing can also supply you a new one. Our preferred brand of tanks are Bradford White and A.O. Smith.

Because All Clear makes make several purchases of water heaters from specific dealers, that’s one of a few areas where we can get you better quality – at the same price – of what’s available to the general public.

We can also install a water heater you’ve already purchased, but it isn’t recommended. When you buy from us, your heater and service is guaranteed. We repair and install gas and electric water heaters.

Does one of the faucets in your home far away from wherever the water heater’s located take forever to produce hot water? If so, we can help with that too as we can install a recirculating pump. That ensures hot water is available immediately to all portions of your home.

Whatever you need, we’re here

Whether you need a water heater repair or replacement, All Clear Plumbing is the clear choice for you. Our plumbing crews are professional, courteous and will have you cooking with hot water again in no time. Give us a call at 864-979-5079.

Do you know about rebates?

You may be eligible for a utility rebate with the installation of a heat pump-style water heater from AO Smith. Find out if you qualify!

*For a limited time. See terms and conditions of local utility rebate program for more information.

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