Repairing a Tub Drain

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Tub drain repairs can be easy or hard. The biggest consideration is correctly determining what is amiss with the tub drain. Whatever the trouble, All Clear Plumbing has the tools, knowledge, and skill to make an unpleasant situation better. We’ll get you all clear in no time!

What’s wrong with my tub drain?

A tub drain is a simple concept. When all works correctly, there is a pipe that carries your shower and tub waste into the sewer system. Common issues with tub drains include clogs and leaks.

Clogs in a Tub Drain

Clogs in tub drains are generally caused by hair and soap scum build-up. Drain cleaning calls for tub drains are routine for us. The diameter of the drainpipe on the tub may call for different equipment than we might use to clear a faucet or toilet, but All Clear has the appropriate tools for the job!

You might have luck using a zip-it or plunger on your tub drain. More advanced drain cleaning equipment may require the removal of your strainer or pop-up assembly (the thing that closes your tub drain.) Once dis-assembled, these items can be a little tricky to re-install correctly.

If you have hair clogs, we really can’t recommend keeping these zip-its on hand and using them as a part of your regular shower or tub cleaning routine. Using a strainer on your drain is huge for keeping bulky items from going down the pipe – which can easily cause back-ups.
If you’ve used chemical drain cleaners in the past to clear hair clogs, pipe corrosion can become an issue.

Leaks in a Tub Drain

If you are on a crawl space, your bug guy is the one most likely to detect you have a leakage in your drains. We take these calls all the time! As long as your crawl space is easily accessible, the repair is usually straightforward.

On a slab or in a multi-story home, a leak in your tub drain line is a little tricky.
If you are in a multi-story home, and the tub is on the second or third floor, repair typically requires cutting into the drywall of the ceiling. Our plumbers will always ask permission first and will cut the smallest access whole possible.

One of the trickiest things with these types of leaks is that the water spot you are seeing on the ceiling is likely not right below the leak itself. Anyone who has seen Jurassic Park knows that water travels in weird ways, and then it will always pool at the lowest point of gravity. So, the wet spot you are looking at might just be where natural settling has formed a low point.

Luckily, our team has plenty of experience and equipment to help determine how your drain lines are run. When possible, they will cut an access hole in a place that isn’t noticeable, like a closet. But the direction of the pipe will ultimately decide this.

Repairing a Tub Drain

Repairing a section of bad pipe in your tub drain requires familiarity of pipe repair. First, we have to cut out the old section of bad pipe. Then, we have to properly install new pipe that matches, or is compatible with, the original material. The type and condition of the existing pipe will determine the difficulty of this procedure.

Some parts of the drain, like the pop-up assembly and slip-joint are available from the outside of the tub itself.

As is often the case, knowing how to repair your tub drain isn’t as hard as knowing how to diagnose the problem. With problems hidden behind walls, in crawl spaces, and in ceilings – you want an accurate, fair diagnosis that you can depend on.

All Clear Plumbing in Greenville, SC

At All Clear Plumbing, we consider ourselves care partners in your home’s plumbing. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need. Instead, we will review our thorough and accurate diagnosis with you, and then the decision to move forward is in your hands.

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