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Expert Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services
for Home & Business in
Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina.

Plumbing Repair

Kitchen & Bar Plumbing Repair

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Plumbing repair services from All Clear Plumbing will get you cooking again.
Common Kitchen Repairs: Kitchen faucets and sinkswater lines, dishwashers, and garbage disposals.

Laundry Plumbing Repair

Laundry never ends. Getting behind on laundry because of a plumbing problem? No one has time for that.
Common Laundry Repairs: Utility sinks and faucets, laundry connections and supply.

Water Line Plumbing Repair

Water leaks are among the most costly damages that can happen to your property. Not only that, but water safety is crucial to our health and well-being.
Common Water Line Repairs: Backflow inspectionswater leaks, spigots, winterization services, and more.

Bath Plumbing Repair

Our bathrooms are some of our most private places. You need a company you can trust doing your bath plumbing repair.
Common Bathroom Repairs: Bathroom faucets and sinks, toilets, bath, and shower.

Water Quality Improvements

The Greenville-Anderson area is lucky to enjoy high-quality water. For the most part. Our water is nice and soft and free of many impurities seen in other parts of the world.
Common Water Quality Improvements: Whole House Water Filters

Commercial Plumbing Repair

While a lot of commercial plumbing repair is like any other, there are a few special cases. All Clear Plumbing is well-trained on commercial parts.
Common Commercial Plumbing Repairs: Commercial faucets, ADA compliance, drinking fountains, urinals, and more.

Drain Cleaning

Bathroom, Kitchen, and Laundry Drain Cleaning

When a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry drain gets clogged, call All Clear Plumbing. We can help clear sink, toilet, or bath drain clogs of grease, food scraps, build-up and more.

Roof Vent Cleaning

Poor flushing and gurgling drains can sometimes be a symptom of a clogged roof vent. Our trained plumbers have the right tools to clear roof vent clogs.

Main Sewer Line Cleaning

When you see sewage backing up in more than one place, it may be a main line clog. We have all the right tools to get your whole house all clear again. Cable machines, hydro-jetting, and more.

Sewer Camera & Septic Tank Location Services

A picture is worth a thousand guesses, right? Our sewer camera allows our trained plumbers to see what is causing sewer drain issues. Oh, and we can also use it to find a “lost” septic tank!

Storm Drain & Underground Gutter Cleaning

Our hydro-jet machine is perfect for clearing clogs from storm drains and gutters. Cable or rod cleaning won’t do the trick. Hydro-jetting scrubs your pipes clean.

Broken Sewer Line Repair

One common cause of regular sewer line backups is a broken sewer line. Often discovered through a sewer camera inspection, you may require a sewer line replacement.

Hot Water Drama

Water Heater Repair

Turning on the tap to find cold-water only is a stomach-sinking moment. Our plumbers are not paid on commission, so you trust their diagnosis. If we can repair your water heater, we will.

Water Heater Installation

Sometimes a water heater repair isn’t possible. When tanks rust, for instance, replacement is the only option. Our team of professional plumbers are pro’s at water heater installation.

Better Hot Water

Does your hot water experience leave you wanting? Hot water may run out too quick or there is that one fixture that takes forever to get hot. Our plumbers have a few tricks up their sleeve to help.

Endless Hot Water

Curious about tankless water heaters? They promise endless hot water, after all. Our plumbers have specialized training on Navien brand tankless water heaters.

Customer Supplied Plumbing Repair

A faucet is a personal thing. We get it. If you prefer to supply your own parts, we are happy to provide installation only pricing. Let the office know when you book your appointment that you will be supplying the parts.
Be aware that some fixture installation requires parts not included in the box. There may be a few miscellaneous parts charges on your final bill, as necessary.

Preventative Maintenance Drain Cleaning

If you have a high-risk sewer line, our team may recommend preventative maintenance. Typical high-risk properties include residential homes with root intrusion or small breaks, restaurants, condo’s or apartment complexes, and underground gutters. Talk to our team about a preventative maintenance schedule. We will keep your sewer line all clear!

Property Management Plumbing Needs

All Clear Plumbing is happy to work with property managers. Whether multi-family, single family, or commercial we work with many of the areas top firms. How can we help your tenants today?

Light Industrial Plumbing

Light industrial environments often have specialized plumbing needs. Your needs include drain cleaning, commercial water heater applications, or plumbing repairs. All Clear Plumbing is here for you, give us a call.

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