Plumbing Services in Greenville and Anderson

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Plumbing Services in Greenville and Anderson

Your partner in fair and honest plumbing repairs, installation, and drain cleaning in the Greater Greenville, SC area. Need help with broken, inadequate, outdated, or inefficient plumbing in your home or business? Our team of qualified plumbers and trained apprentices are excited to work with you.

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Home Plumbing Repairs

We understand that plumbing is about more than comfort – it is about your family’s safety and the investment you’ve made in your home. When you need plumbing repairs in the greater Greenville area, we hope you’ll consider All Clear Plumbing.

Home Plumbing Installation

 Ready to make your home Best of Greenville Showcase worthy? Ask about a quote from our professional plumbing installation team for your bathroom or kitchen remodel.


Drain Cleaning & Sewer Maintenance

Get “All Clear” with drain cleaning services in Greenville and Anderson county. We are happy to perform both emergency drain cleaning service and preventative sewer maintenance for your property.

The clear difference comes from our complimentary camera inspection with every main line drain cleaning, so you can have confidence that your sewer line backup problems are behind you. Find out more about our complimentary camera inspections.


Commercial Plumbing Repairs

Greenville is a growing and thriving town. Your commercial kitchen or customer bathroom – CAN’T. BE. CLOSED. Our expert team of plumbers are positioned throughout Greenville and Anderson, ready to provide prompt and professional service to get your business back up and running.

Commercial Plumbing Installation

Ready to launch that minimalist single-sourced fair-trade locally-roasted coffee shop in an old mill village? Expand your downtown bar? Re-do the lobby bathroom? Our team of expert plumbing installers can help get your Greenville or Anderson business going. Call us today about an on-site estimate.

Plumbing for Property Managers

 Y’all property managers have a really hard job – and the Upstate rental market is HOT. You are often stuck in between a rock, a hard place, and a chasm of despair trying to keep tenants, property owners, and vendors happy.

Our excellent communication, clear pricing, and above-grade documentation might make your day a little bit easier. Call today about getting your Greenville property management company set up for easy billing and work order submission.

Water Heater Repair

No hot water in your Greenville area property? Not only is our team of expert plumbers prepared to help you, but we stock both repair parts and extra heaters – in the event it needs to be replaced. We will get back in hot water fast.

Learn more: Water Heater Repair Services, Common Water Heater Problems, Water Heater Leaking from Bottom

Toilet Repair

Is your toilet running? We’ll catch it! Leaks, rocking porcelain, a lingering smell, or lazy flushes – we can take care of any and all of your toilet concerns in Greenville or Anderson County.

Learn More: Toilet Repair & Replacement Services, Leaking Toilet Troubleshooting, Common Toilet Clogs

Bathroom Faucets

Whether your bathroom faucet is leaking or just outdated and needs a facelift, we repair and replace bathroom faucets throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. 

Tub Spouts, Shower Faucets, and Showerheads

You prefer to shower, we prefer you shower – it’s in everyone’s best interest if your shower and tub is in good working order. 

Our team of expert plumbers is well-stocked and positioned throughout Greenville and Anderson County to help with leaks, drips, repairs, and replacements.

Learn More: Shower Drips

Kitchen Faucet

Call All Clear for your kitchen faucet repair and replacement services in Greenville and Anderson. Common for drips, leaks, loose handles, and outdated styles on kitchen faucets.

Learn More: Faucet Repair & Replacement

Garbage Disposal Repair

Call now for garbage disposal repair in Greenville and Anderson. If your disposal is clogging, overheating, or jamming – we will get you “All Clear.”

Learn More: Garbage Disposal Replacement and Repair

Dishwasher Clogs

If your dishwasher isn’t draining, you might be experienced a clogged drain line. All Clear will get you “all clear” again in no time.

Learn More: Dishwasher Clogs in Greenville, SC

Water Pipe Repair

If you have leaking, burst, or frozen pipes in the Greenville area – All Clear can help. Leaking pipes can cause a lot of water damage, so act fast!

Learn More: Detecting a Water Leak, Slab Leak Repair & Detection

Drain Pipe Repair

If you have a broken, damaged, or leaking drain pipe in your Greenville home, you will want to get it fixed fast. This can be a stinky problem – but we will get you smelling roses again.

Learn more: Tub Drain Repair

Water Heater Installation (Including Tankless)

If you need a new water heater in Greenville, better get All Clear! We are seasoned pros at both tankless and traditional installation. Our team will help you understand the pros and cons of both and come to a decision that is right for you. 

Laundry Room Plumbing

If you need laundry hookups installed or repaired, a utility sink installed, or a washer drain line is clogged – whatever your laundry room plumbing woe in Greenville or Anderson, we can help.

Learn More: Relocating a laundry room, washing machine odors.

Sump Pumps - Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Sump pumps are common in Greenville and Anderson when a crawl space is holding too much moisture. If your crawl space or basement looks like a lake after it rains – you might need a sump pump.

Learn More: Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Unidentified Sewer Smell Mitigation

Greenville homeowners have been driven nuts by sewer smells with no known origin – they can linger for days!

Strong sewer smells can come from even the smallest crack, making finding the problem the hardest part of the job. Our smoke test equipment will help us find the sewer gas leak and make the repair.

Learn More: Smoke Tests, Sewer Smells – Finding the Source

Bathroom Additions

Adding a bathroom to your Greenville, SC home? All Clear has an install division that can help with setting tubs, roughing-in new toilets and faucets, and installing new shower fixtures. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Looking to give your Greenville, SC home a bathroom or kitchen update? All Clear Plumbing can help with the plumbing side of a remodel or renovation project in Greenville or Anderson Counties.

Sewer and Water Line Replacement

Your underground sewer and water line is a crucial piece of your plumbing infrastructure. Get fast and fair service with our sewer and water line replacement division. We work with all Greenville and Anderson municipalities to ensure the job is done correctly and with permitting.

Learn More: Broken Water Line, Broken Sewer Line

Main Line Sewer Cleaning AKA Whole House Clogs

When your whole house is backed up and the main drain line is clogged – you need restored service and a complete solution fast.

Our rapid response drain cleaning unit is in Anderson and Greenville county doing nothing but taking care of drain cleaning issues for homeowners like you.

Learn More: Drain Cleaning with Camera Inspection Service

Tub and Faucet Drain Cleaning

When your tub or a faucet drain backs up in your Greenville, SC home – you need a fast solution. Our Rapid Response Drain Cleaning Unit is designed to get you “All Clear” in no time.

Learn more: Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Underground Gutters and French Drain Cleaning

If you’re a Greenville or Anderson homeowner who has gutter lines that extend underground, they will need annual maintenance. Just like your regular gutters need cleaning – our hydrojet will clear these lines and get your gutters flowing again.

 Learn More: Underground Gutter Cleaning

Storm Drain Cleaning

If you have a private storm drain system or manholes on your commercial property in Greenville or Anderson, we can help keep your drains “All Clear.” 

Learn More: Storm Drain Cleaning with HydroJetting

Commercial Faucet Repairs

Your Greenville or Anderson business can’t afford to have a wash sink, prep sink, rinse sink, or even bathroom sink down for an extended period of time.

Our experienced plumbers are experienced with commercial faucet repairs, including motion sensors.

Learn More: Commercial Sinks & Faucet Repair

Commercial Toilet & Urinal Repair

The flush valves on commercial toilets and urinals are often specialty parts – not your standard home toilets.

In Greenville and Anderson County, no plumbing team has more experience with commercial bathroom repairs than All Clear Plumbing.

Learn More: Commercial Bathroom Repairs

Commercial Pumps, Grinders, and Disposals

There is a whole bevvy of options for commercial pumps – whether its a toilet installation where gravity isn’t on your side, or a commercial garbage disposal that needs heavy-duty abilities – our Greenville and Anderson plumbing teams can help you pump, grind, macerate, and otherwise dispose of your commercial water waste.

Water Cooler Repair

That old water cooler giving you trouble? All Clear Plumbing has water cooler repair, upgrade, and installation options for Greenville and Anderson county businesses.

Grease Trap Installation & Locking

We know how to make the Greenville DHEC inspector happy. Enough said.

Septic Tank Location

Isn’t it amazing that you can lose a septic tank? Whether it is for a real estate inspection or you have a full tank that needs pumping – our team of experts can locate a septic tank on your property in Greenville and Anderson County. 

Sewer Line Mapping

Taking over or renovating a commercial space and need to know where the sewer lines run? Our camera inspection and locating equipment can help us map out your sewer line for you – without ripping out flooring and walls. Service available in Greenville and Anderson County, South Carolina.

Winterization Services

For property managers, realtors, and snowbirds – if your home will be vacant over the coldest winter months, we recommend winterization services. Greenville, SC might not be historically cold, but it only takes one cold night to create a flood damage situation in a vacant home.

Learn More: Winterization Services