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Recommended Greenville Contractors

Greenville, SC  ContractorsQuality first Local ContractorsThe contractors listed on this page are ones that we have had some experience with. We know that contractors are hard to find. That being said, this directory does not imply direct endorsement. If you do have a...

Repairing a Tub Drain

Tub drain repairs can be easy or hard. The biggest consideration is correctly determining what is amiss with the tub drain. Whatever the trouble, All Clear Plumbing has the tools, knowledge, and skill to make an unpleasant situation better. We’ll get you all clear in no time!

Why do I need a PRV?

If your plumber recommends a PRV, or pressure regulating valve, it is because the water pressure coming into your home is dangerously high.

Toilet Trends to Get Your Behind Behind

If your toilet is stuck in the Victorian-era, you are really missing out. Believe it or not, toilets have come a long way. You spend up to three years of your life sitting on one, so why not get comfortable?

Water Heater Repair Greenville SC

Complete water heater service in Greenville, SC, and the surrounding areas. Water heater repair, installation, and service from a plumbing contractor local to Greenville, SC. Tank and tankless water heater service available.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer inspection camera changes the game for even the most experienced plumber. This diagnostic sewer and drain tool give the plumber and the homeowner a clear picture of what is happening inside a sewer line. A sewer line inspection is useful in many different...

Common Hot Water Heater Problems

Hot Water Not Working in House? Use This Guide of Common Hot Water Heater Problems to Find Out Why   When it comes to your home appliances, there is typically one in particular that you never want to experience issues with, and that's your water heater. Not having hot...

Septic Tank Location: What it is, Why you need, and How to get it

Septic tank location services are for those who "lose" a septic tank. Seems impossible, since it doesn't move but it happens all the time. Homes and buildings unconnected to the local sewer system use a private septic systems for waste disposal. Proper maintenance of...

Why is my water heater leaking from the bottom?

Why is my water heater leaking from the bottom? - That's the type of question that is usually said with a groan and a grimace. Property owners dread moments like this, brace themselves, and start to mentally check their bank account balances. While a water heater leak...

Will an Expansion Tank Stop Water Hammer?

You might think that the term "water hammer" sounds like the name of a villain from a comic book, and you'd be right. However, it's just the villain inside of your plumbing pipes. Just because you haven't heard of it, doesn't mean that it's not common, complex, and...

At All Clear Plumbing, we strive to be good neighbors throughout the Upstate community. To that end, we’re happy to offer expert advice here for numerous plumbing issues – as any good neighbor would.

We obviously love serving our customers with an “old school” business style that provides you with quality work done by friendly professionals and the biggest bang for your buck. We also realize that not every plumbing nook and cranny of your home or office building requires a call to All Clear.

Whether it’s a financial hardship or those who simply like working with their own hands, there are numerous reasons folks may want to try something on their own. The multitude of fixer-upper programs and the ever-growing number of how-to videos on YouTube has also led to a surge in popularity for do-it-yourself projects.

There are some important things to remember when it comes to how-to videos:

  • Virtually anyone with a smartphone can publish something online in seconds. That doesn’t necessarily make them an expert in whatever it is they’re discussing.
  • Online subjects don’t always have your best interest at heart. While it may cost nothing to click on an online video, there’s a very good chance somebody, somewhere is making money off that click. Sometimes, that’s all the video creator is seeking.
  • A sleek, well-edited how-to video can make a project look much easier than it actually is.

That’s why we hope that you’ll visit this part of our website whenever you have plumbing DIY itch that needs to be scratched. We want to provide you with information that you can trust.

Whether it’s making a repair, understanding more clearly what all a repair entails, or assisting in making a diagnosis, we’re here to help!

If you get stuck in the middle of a plumbing DIY project and can’t find any way out, we understand. We’ve all been there and done that. Simply give All Clear Plumbing a call at 864-979-7059 and one of our crews will gladly finish the job!


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