Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

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Apprenticeship Program

The Challenge

A growing shortage of skilled plumbers is currently occurring throughout the United States. This has come about after generations of high school graduates have tracked onto college rather than learning a skilled trade. That’s left the majority of licensed plumbers in the U.S. at or near retirement age. According to the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors-National Association (PHCC) Education Foundation, more than 100,000 new workers are needed to fill the void left by those retiring.

The Solution

All Clear Plumbing has worked with Apprenticeship Carolina and the United States Department of Labor to create a custom apprenticeship program. This four-year program provides a mixture of classroom education and on-the-job learning from All Clear’s experienced staff of plumbers. All Clear’s apprentices are full-time employees, who receive he same terrific benefits as All Clear’s plumbers. On top of that, the schooling for apprentices is paid in full by All Clear.

Full Time Employment

Including Benefits

On-the-Job Training

From plumbers with an average of over 20 years of experience

Employer Paid Online School

From the oldest trade organization in the United States

National Certification Upon Graduation

From the US Department of Labor

Year Commitment

$ Avg Plumber Salary

Avg Age of US Plumber

An Amazing Opportunity

Hands On Learning

Learn from the best. Work one-on-one with our plumbers every day. Help customers, gain the knowledge, get the experience.


Self-Paced Online Classroom

Learn using the same online classroom experience used by Unions across the country. No experience necessary. Classes start with the absolute basics and teach you the “why” behind your day-to-day experience.

Graduated Pay

Guaranteed raises for each year of completion in the program. The key to a promising career in one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

The case for a career in plumbing

When a youngster is asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up,” invariably the options that follow or choices like a doctor or police officer. While they typically might not hear “plumber,” maybe it’s time that they should.

Like doctors and officers fix problems during uneasy times of distress, so do plumbers. Plumbers help ensure the safety of families, communities and businesses through clean water and sanitation. Those are the cornerstones of a healthy and safe society and plumbers are on the front lines defending that infrastructure.

apprenticeship program all clear plumbing

While plumbing can become a lucrative career with solid job security, helping someone in a desperate time of need can be the most rewarding part.

Apprenticeships vs. college

As a child grows into a teenager that “what do you want to be” question usually evolves into a “where are you going to college” one. It’s asked as if it’s a no-brainer that college is the plan for all high school graduates. With a rising number of adults struggling to pay back college loans, maybe it’s time for that thinking to be reassessed as well.

Garnering a college degree is undoubtedly a significant achievement that can unlock career doors. But all too often those doors can’t be found. While degrees might always be available in a particular field, jobs in those fields often aren’t. While ever-growing technology has shrunk or eliminated some industries, plumbing isn’t one of them.

What if you could learn about a particular career field and instead of paying thousands of dollars each year to do so, you could be the one getting paid while you learn. That’s what apprenticeships offer. Apprenticeships are part school and part on-the-job training.

All Clear Plumbing’s apprenticeship program provides online, self-paced education to help you learn the essential tools and background knowledge of the job. At the same time, you are applying this knowledge and getting hands-on experience working full time in your new profession.

Plumber Career Path

Our apprentices are full-time employees who receive weekly pay and benefits. It’s also an education, including tuition and books, that’s paid for by your employer. All Clear Plumbing’s apprentices ride along with our experienced plumbers learning plumbing and teamwork skills along the way.

Why take a chance on going to school for something you may not like or even be able to get a job in?

College isn’t for everybody and it’s expensive. According to, America’s Debt Help Organization, total student loan debt in the U.S. is $1.4 trillion. The average college tuition cost ranges from $9,410 for an in-state university to $32,410 for private schools. Student loans become a necessity for most to make it through school. There are currently more than 44 million Americans with student loan debt, with an average total of $37,172. Someone who owes $30,000 worth of student loans with a 6 percent interest rate would be faced with a payment of $333 every month for 10 years.  

With a plumbing apprenticeship, you are working full-time from day one. Eligible for benefits and able to decide if the career is right for you without making a hefty, up-front investment. You are in control of the trajectory of your career, your earning potential, and your time investment from the beginning.

Career and financial security

An apprentice will quickly see that plumbing is a physically demanding job. That hard work can pay off in ways that become more lucrative the longer a plumber’s career goes.

Most full-time plumbers have the opportunity earn extra income by working overtime. Many master plumbers that have collected years of experience could reach a financial position that allows them to set their own work schedule.

Unlike many careers that are being phased out by technological advances and other factors, skilled labor jobs such as plumbing are in extremely high demand and have historically low unemployment rates.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the plumbing industry is projected to grow by 12 percent over a 12-year period. Over the same time, it’s expected that many plumbers from the baby boomer generation will be retiring. Many already have, which has left some employers having trouble finding qualified plumbers to fill those shoes. Acquiring plumbing certification through our apprenticeship program could give you a tremendous advantage when seeking a job.

We’d like to think that the future of many jobs will be more of an apprenticeship approach.

How It works

To become an apprentice requires no previous experience. However, it is helpful if you have worked with your hands before and are technically inclined.

If you are hired as an apprentice, your first 90 days will be an assessment period. During this time, All Clear Plumbing management will assess if you have the necessary skills and promise to do the job and commit to the apprenticeship period.

The apprenticeship program takes four years to complete. During that time, you’ll come to work each day ready to learn, help, succeed, and contribute to the company. We expect all of our employees to be friendly, helpful, respectful, and team players.

Kevin Apprentice

During that four-year period, you will also be responsible for keeping up with and passing your apprentice classes. These classes are self-paced and online. The materials are provided by us. You are expected, however, to complete classwork on your own time.

For every year of your apprenticeship, you will be expected to learn and then master new skills. Some of these will be technical skills, like how to measure, cut, and connect pipe. Other skills will be how to write an invoice and customer service procedure.

At the end of the four year period, you will graduate. The program is certified by the U.S. Department of Labor, who will provide you with a completion certification. You will also be eligible to sit for the Journeyman’s exam and become a licensed plumber in South Carolina.

Is All Clear the right company for you?

When All Clear Plumbing looks for any employee, the question is not just whether the person is a right fit for the company. It is also important that we are the right company for you.

We are a family-owned business and we operate like one. Our employees become parts of that extended family tree. It’s important to us that we agree on certain values and share in a common mission.

That mission is to provide quality plumbing services at a fair price. We love that word “fair” because it means a good deal for everyone involved. The customer is getting great service, great craftsmanship and peace of mind. Meanwhile, you and the rest of our employees are earning a fair wage for that labor, great working conditions and awesome benefits. Our company has to sustain well for all of this to happen, so “fair” also implies that the company is getting a fair profit that allows us to continue to operate another day.

All Clear Plumbing enjoys a team-oriented environment. We work hard and have fun. We care about each other and the customer. We believe in what we do and we do it well.

If that sounds like a place for you, we welcome you to come apply.

How to apply

We often have a waiting list for the apprenticeship program, so express your interest as soon as possible. You can send an e-mail explaining why you think you would be a good apprentice candidate to anja [@]

If we like what you have to say we will contact you for a phone interview and follow up with an in-person interview. This is a big decision for everyone involved. It should be treated with the same weight and respect as choosing a college, a major, or a joining the military. We are asking for a four-year commitment, but in return you will get an education, a career, and a great place to work!

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