Do I need a plumber or can I DIY?

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Do I need a plumber or can I DIY?

It can be hard to know when you need a plumber or can I DIY. At All Clear Plumbing, we understand that people don’t necessarily want to call the plumber. For some, the idea of paying for a professional when they think they might be able to do it themselves is a struggle. We are all for empowering people to take on certain tasks themselves, but those judgment calls can be hard to make.

Everyone’s skill level is unique and not everyone has the same tools or time available. In fact, experience and skill sets for specific jobs determine where our plumbers are dispatched to each day. There’s no shame in even the handiest of homeowners calling in the pros on occasion. Since it isn’t always clear when homeowners need a plumber or can I DIY, we’ve designed this flowchart to help you make that decision.

A word of caution on how to use this chart – it shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement to tackle a project on your own. We can’t promise the outcome of a DIY job! What we can promise is that we have your back. Not only are we happy to answer simple questions for you over the phone but we can always come to the rescue if you get in over your head.

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When in doubt, call a professional for any home maintenance or repair. After all, it’s likely that your house is your largest asset and you don’t want to risk that over a one-time bill.

It all starts with whether or not you know what the problem is. After all, if you’re not confident in your diagnosis you could either make things worse or fix something that isn’t broken. That’s a waste of time and money!

Some plumbing repairs can be found with an internet search or going straight to YouTube. If there is a skill set, tool or a part that you are unfamiliar with or lack confidence in, we suggest you stop right there! (For instance, don’t learn how to sweat copper on a water heater installation. It’s a really bad place to learn.) Next, you have to be sure that you have the tools and parts necessary to complete the repair.

Pro tip: Take the old part with you to the supply store to be sure you have the right one.

Finally – one last gut check – it’s important to remember that trying to save a few hundred dollars is not worth damaging your home for! We’ve even heard horror stories about home repair jobs gone wrong that resulted in either dropped home insurance or refusals of claims because they took on a repair that should have been completed by a licensed plumber. Yikes! Don’t let pride or overconfidence put you in a risky position.

need a plumber or can I diy

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