Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Team

In sports, winning teams feature players and coaches that have talent, passion for the job, a strong work ethic and an ability to work together smoothly as a team. At All Clear Plumbing, our team is no different. All those ingredients have helped us grow from one plumber in one truck when we opened in 2012 to seven crews on the road today. Our growth has been spurred by All Clear serving as a haven for plumbers who are interested in being a plumber – not a salesperson.

Our Field Group is made up of experienced, talented plumbers and apprentices, who are eager to receive on-the-job training. Our Office and Ownership Groups feature individuals with diverse professional backgrounds who’ve come together to help make our business thrive. The one common theme among our entire team is a commitment to customer service. It’s simply our No. 1 priority and it’s made All Clear Plumbing the top plumbing company in the Upstate.

Field Group

Chris B

AllClear 1:55 pm

Chris B is a career plumber hailing from Williamston, SC. His background is in service plumbing which has given him plenty of practice with drain cleaning. He loves the variety that this profession provides as well as the opportunity to meet so many new people. His...


AllClear 8:36 pm

Micah is new to the plumbing field. He joined our team in 2018 with the hopes of gaining admittance to our plumbing apprenticeship program. He really enjoys working with a team and helping customers. Being able to learn something new each day is important to him and...


AllClear 8:33 pm

James has been a plumber for over a dozen years and has tried a little bit of everything the field has to offer. From new construction on big commercial jobs to med gas and everything in between, he is always interested in increasing his skills and knowledge. A native...


AllClear 8:32 pm

Aaron is an apprenticeship candidate and new to the plumbing profession. You'll see him helping out our more experienced plumbers as he starts to learn the trade. Originally from Cumming, GA Aaron clearly loves learning new things as he has quite a diverse resume that...


AllClear 4:47 pm

Considering his family tree, you could say that Chris was destined to pursue a career in the plumbing industry. As a 3rd generation plumber, so you could say it runs in the family. Being able to help solve customer’s problems is what Chris likes best about his job. He...


AllClear 4:43 pm

Kevin joined All Clear Plumbing’s apprenticeship program in 2015. During that time, Kevin’s enjoyed learning as he goes on service calls. He says learning something new each day is his favorite part of the job, along with being able to work side-by-side with “good...


AllClear 4:40 pm

Kenneth has been an apprentice with All Clear Plumbing for a little more than one year. After long hours and no weekends off in the restaurant industry, Kenneth decided to follow in his family’s footsteps. Kenneth’s father, Ronnie, is part of our plumbing team and...


AllClear 4:05 pm

Paul was All Clear Plumbing’s first apprentice as he joined the program in the summer of 2015. The Sioux City, Iowa native came to All Clear after serving the country as a member of the Air Force. While he had no prior experience with plumbing, he’s enjoyed learning...


AllClear 1:42 pm

All Clear Plumbing has attracted a staff of plumbers from all over the country, but no one’s journey was longer than Arthur’s. Arthur began working at All Clear after moving from his hometown of Hilo, Hawaii. He quickly earned the nickname of Hawaiian Ice after...


AllClear 6:19 pm

All Clear Plumbing’s team of plumbers offer a wealth of experience, and Ronnie helps lead the way. The Upstate native’s plumbing career started in 1982. While Ronnie technically began learning about plumbing at the Golden Strip Career Center, there was certainly...

Office Group


AllClear 4:53 pm

Jessica is no stranger to phone calls - or emergencies. Before working at All Clear Plumbing she was a 911 dispatcher. While the hectic nature of managing customer service and dispatching is familiar, she appreciates the (sometimes) slower pace and family environment...


AllClear 4:59 pm

At All Clear Plumbing, we sort of have two families. One is our entire staff of plumbers, apprentices, office staff and owners, while the other is the Smith family that includes founder Scott Smith. Office Assistant Mallory is a part of both families. Mallory is...


AllClear 5:40 pm

When you call into All Clear Plumbing during the workday, the voice you typically hear on the other end will either be Trina or April. April joined our staff as an office assistant in April 2017. In addition to helping Trina field our busy calls each day, April is...

Ownership Group


AllClear 4:55 pm

While Anja Smith and her parents, Scott and Trina, are the co-owners of All Clear Plumbing, Anja wears many different hats for the company. She serves as a managing partner, community relations specialist, coordinates weekly team meetings and does all of All Clear’s...

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AllClear 4:52 pm

Trina could be called “the voice” of All Clear Plumbing. Whenever you call us at 864-979-7059, there’s an extremely good chance Trina will answer your call. If she happens to be on another line, you’ll probably end up talking to her to make your appointment. Like...

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AllClear 6:07 pm

Scott isn’t just a plumber, he’s THE plumber! As the founder and owner of All Clear Plumbing, Scott has a master plumber’s license and holds our LLR. That’s a fancy license that just means you are in good hands with him. It is Scott’s expertise and experience that All...

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