Leaky Pipe? Call Your Greenville Plumbers!

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A leaky pipe can happen at any time! It’s rarely convenient, and it can often seem like plumbing leaks wait until after hours or weekends to become a problem. 

What can you do if you find water leaking from a pipe? Preventing damage to your home and personal items is a priority until Greenville plumbers can arrive for a repair. 

Act quickly when you discover a pipe leak! Follow these tips for a temporary fix, then call a professional plumber for a permanent solution. 

Shut Off the Valve

Stopping the flow of water is the first priority. When you locate the source of the leak, shut off the valve that connects the pipe to your main water line. If there isn’t a shut-off valve nearby, turn off your main water valve outside your home. 

If you can put a temporary fix on the leak that holds well enough, you’ll be able to turn the water back on again until your plumber arrives. 

Dry the Area

Go back to the location of the leak and dry the area. Never let pooled water sit on your floor or soak into your walls. If you can get to the pipe, dry the pipe around the leak to prepare the area for a quick repair.

However, if the leak is behind a wall, wait for your plumber. Let a professional locate the source of the leak—especially if it requires getting into the drywall or flooring to find and repair the problem. 

Apply a Temporary Fix

Depending on how long it takes for a plumber to arrive, you might need to fix the break in the pipe. Your local hardware store will have several effective options for a temporary repair so that your home doesn’t have to go without water until your plumber can apply a permanent fix.

Choose from: 

  • Epoxy compounds
  • Pipe clamps
  • Pipe wraps
  • Repair sleeves

Any of these solutions apply a temporary leak sealer for pipes. When placed around the crack or hole, epoxy or pipe wraps will harden over the break to stop the flow of water. 

Don’t rely on these quick fixes as a permanent repair to stop leaking pipe! As soon as you’re able to reach out to a plumber, schedule them to inspect the problem, look for any additional leaks (or potential leaks), and provide a permanent repair. 

A thorough repair could involve cutting out a section of pipe or replacing valves. Your plumber can detect the source of the leak and make sure you don’t continue to deal with pipe leaking or other plumbing problems.  

Contact Expert Greenville Plumbers

Water damage can cause a lot of problems in your home. We’ll get there as quickly as we can to provide a permanent solution to a pipe leak. Our expert team of Greenville plumbers will quickly identify the problem and fix it better than “good enough!”

We don’t want you to have to call us again for the same pipe issue! Contact All Clear Plumbing, and we’ll fix it right the first time.