Clogged Floor Drains

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Clogged Floor Drains

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Commercial Drain Service Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing

A clogged floor drain is frustrating. It can mean wading through sludge and makes a real mess. Floor drains are common in commercial buildings. It can be tempting to just use a hose to clean these areas and push all kinds of debris into the drain. Unfortunately, this is going to lead to drain cleaning for floor drains – because these are not meant to be used as garbage disposals.

Floor drains can be problematic because if they aren’t used often enough they become a source of odor due to dry traps. But frequent use often leads to abuse, which leads to drain cleaning bills. If you have standing water at your floor drains, call a company with a wide range of options for drain cleaning. For instance, the drain may be cleared with a simple cable machine or snake. While other drains, depending on the clog type, may require a small indoor hydro-jet machine. All Clear has all of this equipment and a well trained, experienced staff to help clear your clogged floor drain quickly and easily.

I had used All Clear plumbing last year to take care of several small problems I had. They were on time and stuck by their estimate.