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Drain Cleaning in the Greenville, SC Area

All Clear Plumbing is your best value for drain cleaning in the greater-Greenville and Anderson area. Our team of expert plumbers will take care of your stinky, yucky, and frustrating problem. Any sewer clog – whether it is a sink, tub, toilet, shower, or your entire house backed up – will be all clear in no time.

Camera Inspection Included

– with the purchase of every main line drain cleaning or hydro-jet service. Because it doesn’t do you any good to clear the symptom without diagnosing the problem.

That’s a $200 value at no additional charge – only at All Clear. 

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The Right Tools for the Job

Our trucks have every drain cleaning tool you can imagine – and a few you’ve probably never heard of. From the smallest sink clog to your main sewer line, we’ll get you all clear. 

Not *JUST* Drain Cleaning

If you are a skeptic (like us), you’re probably wondering what the catch is. A free camera inspection might seem too good to be true. 

But this isn’t a promotion. 

It’s no “limited time” thing.

Including a camera inspection with every main line drain cleaning is how we do things now. It’s what we believe is the right thing to do. 

More value, for the same great price as always.

Drain cleaning without a camera inspection is like getting pain meds without an x-ray. If your leg is broken – you need to know.

A camera inspection after drain cleaning allows us to get eyes on the situation and provide a 100% seeing-is-believing guarantee that you’re drain problems are long gone.


Expert Service

All Clear Plumbing boasts one of the most experienced plumbing teams in the Greenville, SC area. Not only that, but we are committed to training the next generation with our apprenticeship program.

Simple, Fair Pricing

No dispatch fees. No hard upsells. Just clear, simple pricing on the service that you need to keep your home and family safe. 

We pride ourselves on being fair and honest.


Trusted Plumbers

Don’t take our word for it – check out our hundreds of five star reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Angie’s List. We work hard to make sure every customer gets the save five star service.

Drain Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

If you are dealing with a clogged drain or sewer line in the Greenville, SC or Anderson, SC area – you might have a few questions. That’s understandable. We believe an informed customer is a happy customer, so we love to share our plumbing and drain cleaning knowledge with our customers. 

Here are some of the common questions we get about drain cleaning. Who knows, maybe you can solve the problem yourself! If you do, be sure to give us a shout-out on social media. We want to hear what works!

I’ve got dirty water coming up in my shower – what does that mean?

Water rising through a drain – any drain – is a sign that the mainline is backing up. That drain is typically the first outlet in the line, so it is the escape hatch. 

I suspect I have a sewer line backup in the mainline in the yard. What should I do?

Do not run any more water in your home until the clog is cleared. If you have a cleanout in your yard, opening it is a good idea. Better for the sewage to escape into your yard than your home!

My toilets gurgle when I shower or wash clothes – should I be worried?

Yes, this is a sign that you have a partial clog in your sewer line. You want to address this issue before the pipe becomes completely clogged and you have standing sewer water in your home.

I think there is a toy (or some other foreign object) stuck in my toilet – what do I do?

Sometimes a shop vac can get the item out. If the item is water-soluble (like a bar of soap) you can pour some hot (but not boiling!) water in the bowl to try and wear it down. Usually, these items get stuck in the trap so pulling your toilet and reaching in through the bottom is a normal course of action.

I dropped my ring down the sink drain! Is it gone forever?

Not necessarily! Don’t run any more water. Instead, take apart your p-trap (the u-shaped pipe directly under the drain). Something heavy like a ring will often get stuck in the p-trap.

What causes a sewer line to get clogged?

Usually, it is foreign material in your pipes. That can be anything from “flushable” wipes to roots or a stuffed animal. (We’ve seen it all.) 

Over time, if you pour grease down the drains, it is possible for grease to build up and completely clog a drain. 

Can I buy or rent a tool and clear the clog myself?

We recommend that every homeowner owns an auger. This is a big step up from a plunger and will clear most of your toilet clogs.

As for sink drains, try taking the trap apart and cleaning that. Those first few inches are often the culprit. 

You can sometimes rent larger snake or rooter machines, but these aren’t for the faint of heart. They can weigh several hundred pounds and are dangerous to operate. Big clogs are best left to the pro’s. 

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Call our friendly staff 24/7/365 at: (864) 979-7059