Dishwasher Drain Lines

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When your dishwasher drain lines won’t drain and you live in the Greenville, SC or Anderson, SC area – get clear with All Clear! Broken or clogged dishwasher drains are a messy and frustrating affair. All Clear provides fast, effective drain cleaning services throughout the Greenville and Anderson area.

Is my dishwasher broken or is my dishwasher clogged?

One of the hardest things about a water-logged dishwasher is knowing who to call. Is it an appliance repair issue or a clogged drain? All you care about is that the water isn’t going down like it’s supposed to! (Not to confuse you, but it could also be an electrical issue too!)

You can typically narrow down the issue yourself, so you can call with confidence.

Try taking these DIY diagnostic steps:

  • Check your breaker box.
  • Check the buttons/electrical panel on the dishwasher to see if it is responding.
  • If possible, use a wet-dry vacuum to get some standing water out of the dishwasher. Is the screen at the bottom full of debris? If so, clean it off first.
  • Check to see if the disposal and/or sink is draining.

If the dishwasher appears to have power and responds normally to use, it is likely a drainage issue. Time to call All Clear!

Did you know that All Clear Plumbing has a rapid response drain cleaning unit especially for drain cleaning emergencies? While any of our fleet can respond to a drain cleaning call, this unit is ready and available for your drain cleaning emergencies. This truck zooms all around Greenville and Anderson, clearing drains everywhere it goes! With expertise and service like this, you’ll have sparkling clean dishes again in no time.

Rapid Response Drain Cleaning in Greenville SC
How do I prevent dishwasher clogs?

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything worked the way they designed it to? Things don’t always go to plan, so it is good to know what contributes to dishwasher drain backups.

The best way to avoid these backups is to keep food scraps and debris out of your dishwasher. Make sure that the screen at the bottom of your dishwasher stays clear and scrape and rinse your dishes well before loading the washer.

Solid food particles and grease are the worst culprits for backing up kitchen drain lines.

Don’t overload your washer and make sure the arms can spin freely. Those two things don’t really contribute to drainage issues, but they are good practices for keeping your dishwasher alive and functioning.

Can I use drain cleaning liquid in my dishwasher?

Liquid drain cleaners are highly caustic. They can damage pipes with repeated use, so we never recommend using them. With dishwashers there is the additional concern that residue may end up on your dishes.

If you want to use the “natural” version, try baking soda and vinegar. This fun concoction can help dissolve minor drain issues (which is all the liquid drain cleaners are good for too.).
Ideally, you want to pour the solution directly into the drain connection, which requires removing the nuts holding it in place at the bottom of the washer.

Another DIY option is to try putting a wire hanger down the drain to see if you can shake loose any solid matter that has backed up.

When your dishwasher drain backs up, you need to get it cleared fast. All Clear Plumbing is available to help with any drain clogs in Greenville and Anderson, South Carolina. Our team of caring professionals have the skills, tools, and can-do attitude you need to get the situation handled and move on with your day.

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