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Get in Some Hot Water

Your Business’ Success Relies on Hot Water

Restaurateurs are tasked with serving a hungry public that can quickly turn angry when their food isn’t prepared properly or served in a timely manner. What do you do when the water doesn’t get hot?

Perhaps the most stressful position within this stressful industry is that of a kitchen manager.

Ultimately, if a customer’s bread is stale, salad isn’t chilled, or medium rare steak not pink enough, the kitchen manager will hear about it.

The last thing a kitchen manager needs is something else to worry about. But a failing water heater could make all these other responsibilities moot.

If your commercial kitchen is in need of water heater repair or replacement, All Clear Plumbing is here to help. Our trained staff of professional plumbers can have your problem solved efficiently, so that you can get back to providing the same level of service for your customers.

Warning signs of a failing water heater

One thing to remember about water heaters is that none of them last forever. Most tank water heaters have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. It’s vital not to allow small problems to linger without repair or replacement. Waiting too long could result in an ultimate catastrophe of a water heater explosion.

So how do you know if your water heater is on its last legs? If it’s producing less hot water, that’s a fairly obvious issue. Here are 7 other warning signs:

  • Water. Don’t panic if you see a little bit of water around the bottom of the tank as that could merely be condensation, which is normal. Larger amounts of water directly underneath the tank is a more clear sign of a leak, which means you need to call us to fix it. We can also fix any leaky pipes that may be causing water to drip.
  • Corrosion. Mineral deposits from water can build up over time and penetrate pipe fittings causing a slow leak through corrosion. Corrosion may also be noticeable around the bottom of the tank.
  • Color changes. When your light-colored water heater develops a brown or reddish color in places that could be a sign of rust or burn marks. Burn marks can be caused by improper venting, which could result in back siphoning dangerous toxins, or by damaged pipes within the water heater.
  • Yellow or orange flame. When running perfectly, your water heater should have a blue flame underneath. When that flame turns yellow or orange, it’s no longer heating the water properly and needs to be addressed.
  • Rumbling or popping. As water heaters get older, water minerals may build up along the bottom forming a sediment layer. That causes the heater to work harder to produce hot water and begin sounding like a popcorn maker in the process.
  • Other loud noises. High-efficiency have blower motors. When those motors begin to get noticeably louder than in the past, those motors are about to die and the water heater will stop working.
  • Dirty water produced. If your water is cloudy, has an odor or is metallic tasting, that’s an issue. It’s one caused by mineral build-up passing through your pipes and into your faucets.

What kind of water heater is right for your business?

Are you opening a new business and looking to purchase a water heater for it? All Clear Plumbing can supply you with the very best. Our preferred brand of commercial tanks is A.O. Smith, Bradford White, and Rheem.

We offer professional grade water heaters that home stores don’t. The best water heaters with warranties that you can buy there are simply our base models. We can get stainless steel and other options that others can’t. Of course, when you buy from us, you’re also guaranteeing the finest in professional quality installation as well.

We can also install a water heater you’ve already purchased, but it isn’t recommended. When you buy from us, your heater and service are guaranteed. We repair and install gas and electric water heaters.

So what kind of new water heater is right for you? That depends a great deal on the type of business you have:

  • For restaurants, you’re going to want to have an adequate supply of water and a high recovery unit. The recommendation for restaurants is 199,000 BTUs.
  • Hotels would need a larger system and perhaps even a holding talk with a loop system.
  • For something like a golf shop with just one restroom, a simpler, residential type of water heater would suffice.

Our advice is to get with your contractor or architect before making your final decision. Getting the specs right in the beginning will save you a lot of money on the back end.

If you’ve already purchased a water heater and need it installed, we can typically try to do so. However, if the unit purchased isn’t the right size or proper make for the usage necessary, which would result in a liability that costs you money down the road, we won’t install it. Instead, we would honestly warn you about our concerns up front.

For example, if a big restaurant tries to use a 50-gallon residential water heater cranked all the way up, it’s only going to last 6 months.

We install and repair gas, electric and tankless water heaters. Gas is currently the most efficient. Sometimes with venting issues, gas water heaters are not the most user-friendly, however.

For a restaurant type of business, we would recommend a gas water heater. For a clothing boutique type of shop, a small electric would be our suggested way to go. Those can be installed in a ceiling above a bathroom or under a counter.

If space is a premium, there are tankless systems out there that will solve that issue. We still recommend gas for a busy business that requires a lot of hot water.

Having a water heater emergency? Call us now!

Downtime due to a lack of clean, hot water is critical in a commercial kitchen and we understand that. The same holds true for hotels, apartments, busy offices and many other of our commercial customers. We know that it’s imperative for your business to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

That’s why at All Clear we offer repair, replacement and perhaps most importantly for you, emergency service. Our emergency calls move to the head of the line so that we can respond to your problem as soon as possible.

Once one of our professional plumbing crews arrives on the scene, they will explain what’s going on and what needs to be done to correct it. If you don’t need a new water heater, our plumbers won’t try to sell you one. We’re not sales technicians. We’re plumbers who are looking to build a relationship with customers that will last a lifetime. That relationship is based on trust, expertise, and experience. Our six plumbers currently on staff have more than 150 years of combined experience in the industry.

Whether you need a new water heater or an existing one repaired, All Clear Plumbing and our team of the best plumbers in the Upstate is the clear choice for you. Give us a call at 864-979-5079.

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