Commercial Hydrojetting Services

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Commercial Hydrojetting Services

At All Clear Plumbing, we pride ourselves in having top of the line equipment to serve any and all plumbing needs. When it comes to drain cleaning, hydrojets are our big guns.

Hydro-jetting, or what is sometimes called “line scrubbing” is a very effective way – and sometimes the only way – to clear large pipes filled with debris, grease, roots, or scale. Our advanced hydro jet drain cleaning machine is much like a pressure washer on steroids, ready to clean the inside of your pipes.

Typically, hydrojets are used by our commercial customers. The hydrojets are so powerful it can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the joints of smaller residential lines.

At All Clear, we commonly use hydrojets to clear grease or debris in lines. We can jet water mains that are backing up, parking lot drains that are clogged with dirt and leaves, underground gutters and more.

hydrojet underground gutter cleaning greenville sc

Safe high pressure water blasting

Hydro-jetting can best be described as high pressure water blasting. We use thousands of gallons of pressurized water to blast away the blockages in your pipes. Precisely, our hydrojet performs at 4,000 PSI, blasting 18 gallons of water per minute. At 300 feet, the line for our big hydrojet is the largest available in the Upstate.

Our advanced and wide array of nozzles means that we aren’t just using muscle – we’re using brains too. The best tool for the job means that whatever the blockage, we can maximize the impact of the high pressure water jet drain cleaning.

The nozzle heads are designed to do different things. They can cut roots without damaging the pipe. Descaling heads are used for grease and sludge removal. Additives can be added to water to help powerwash the inside of line. All of this makes plastic lines look brand new.

As for cast iron lines, we won’t remove all the rust because that’s what is protecting the line. Rust is like a scab protecting the steel. if you scrape that out, new rust will form causing thinner walls until it can’t anymore and you’re left with holes.

  • Sewer Line Cleaning: Hydro-jet cleaning is most often used in sewer lines and in commercial applications. Commercial drains are large but see a heavy impact from grease and sludge in the drain. Simply put, any business or facility that has a kitchen is going to see a high volume of build-up in the sewer line – leading to the need for hydro jetting services over time.
  • Parking Lot Drains: It’s not uncommon for a parking lot drain to need periodic hydro-jetting. Debris like leaves, dirt, sticks, and trash get caught in these drain lines over time. There is not much you can do to prevent this build-up even with good landscaping. Just know that water jet plumbing is a commonly needed service for commercial parking lots and that hydrojet pipe cleaning is a moderate cost that may occur over time.
  • Pipe Cleaning for Restaurants: Water jetting a sewer line to get rid of a nasty grease clog can cost restaurants if it makes their kitchen unusable while the problem is corrected. That’s one of the reasons why All Clear Plumbing has grease additives available with our sewer hydro jet services.

Preventative maintenance

When you know that you are going to need periodic hydro-jetting, we recommend not waiting until it’s an emergency. No one wants their parking lot to look like a lake or their drains to back up into their floor. It’s not conducive to good business. Preventative maintenance plans are available from All Clear Plumbing on a quarterly, bi-annual, and annual basis. The best part of preventative maintenance hydro-jetting is that it’s guaranteed

While there’s really nothing you can do to completely avoid needing hydrojet sewer cleaning, there are some things you can do to make sure it’s needed infrequently as possible:

  • Fix Ongoing Issues: Many times, we need hydrojet services because of a known issue in the sewer line. These repairs can be expensive, but remember that a sewer camera inspection before occupancy can prevent buying into a money pit.
  • Clean/Install/Inspect Grease Traps: Grease traps are the first line of defense for your pipes. Don’t overlook the ongoing maintenance and cleaning these devices require over time. Most municipalities need them on commercial sinks, but be proactive in their care.
    Install floor drain baskets. These work as sieves to prevent large pieces of kitchen waste from going down the drain. The trick though, is that you have to empty them regularly or it will appear clogged.
  • Landscaping: Retaining walls, leaf removal, and tree trimming are all great ways to prevent nature from clogging up your parking lot drains.
  • Know Your Limits: If you’ve dealt with backups before, find the human behavior that contributed to it and put an end to it.

Residential Jetting

While we don’t typically use hydrojets on residential homes, there’s one area there where it can be very effective – gutter cleaning.

No, we don’t get up on your roof and clean those gutters. We’re talking about underground gutters. More specifically, French drains or buried drain lines for gutters.

Jetting is an environmentally-friendly alternative that safely and effectively removes any debris or buildup in underground gutters without the use of any harsh chemicals.
We have special nozzles for each situation, that allows us to use water to cut through built up debris. We can also clear grease, and even loose rocks or concrete, if we need to. But when it comes to drains, it’s really all about clearing dirt, leaves, rocks, etc. that gets swept into drain pipes and builds up over time.

The high pressure of the hydrojet’s water cuts through blockages and removes any objects that block a gutter drain. This powerful tool can even wipe out a tree root that may have invaded an underground gutter drain.

All Clear Plumbing is proud to offer state of the art water jetting services to the Upstate region of South Carolina. Because we’re talking about drains that aren’t visible above ground, having them properly cared for can often be forgotten.

But the best way to ensure to performance of your drains – no matter if it’s an underground gutter or a sewer pipe – is regularly scheduled maintenance. You need that kind of maintenance from a company you can trust. Thanks to our experienced, highly-skilled professionals, All Clear Plumbing is the clear choice in the Upstate.

In addition to offering the best plumbing service, we’re drain cleaning experts. To schedule a water jetting cleaning, call All Clear Plumbing at 864-979-7059.

We have used All Clear Plumbing several times. We had previously used two other companies prior to discovering All Clear Plumbing. I can tell you there is a huge difference in price and service between companies!


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