Commercial Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

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Commercial Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

Commercial bathroom plumbing repairs are among the most important task that All Clear Plumbing crews complete. No matter what kind of business you own, maintaining a healthy, working bathroom is essential.

Think about these commercial bathroom plumbing scenarios:

  • Restaurateurs, if you serve a customer the most delicious meal they’ve ever had, they are most likely coming back. But what if they wrap up their dining experience by going to the restroom afterwards and experiencing a clogged toilet or no hot water to wash their hands? That’s not really the last impression you want in hopes of a return visit.
  • Hotel owners, you could have the most comfortable bed and cleanest room your guests have ever seen. But it might take just one lukewarm shower for that guest to leave a negative review on multiple travel websites.
  • Obviously, hospitals and doctor offices require the most sanitary bathrooms anywhere.

Commercial bathroom plumbing should be in excellent working order aren’t only necessary for customers and guests, but your employees as well. Not having a working bathroom can be very disruptive for a business and can just cause more stress for employees, which could jeopardize their production and work effort.

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Common Commercial Bathroom Issues

When it comes to commercial bathroom plumbing, typically the same things can go wrong that you’d find in a home bathroom. The difference is, people are a lot harder on public bathrooms than home ones. Sadly, that can often be the case with not just the public, but also disgruntled employees who take out some frustration in the privacy of a work bathroom.

Employees or customers, there are plenty of people who never want to make hand contact with anything in a public restroom. They may use their foot to kick flush a toilet. Enough of those kicks will eventually stop the flusher from working.

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Having your commercial bathroom plumbing routinely serviced by professional plumbers such as the ones we offer at All Clear Plumbing is a great way to ensure they remain in 100 percent working order.

At All Clear, we’re don’t go looking for everything we can find to fix and/or replace. We prefer to build a long-term working relationship with our fellow businesses in the Upstate. The majority of our work are commercial calls.

There are many problems we’re familiar with solving when it comes to commercial bathroom plumbing repairs. Some of the common ones are:

  • Stopped up drains. People will invariably try to flush things or wash things down a sink drain that they shouldn’t. Hint: Flushable wipes may be flushable, but enough of them will eventually clog your drain. Fortunately, All Clear has the most advanced equipment to handle any drain cleaning big or small.
  • Flush valves. These commonly go bad within commercial bathrooms, typically because of the volume of use of company toilets over time. Another hint: Drop-in toilet fresheners use chemicals that may make the water pretty, but they also can do damage to working parts. The fresheners themselves can also get stuck in the flush valve making it impossible to flush.
  • Rocking, leaking toilets. Again this comes from the amount of use company toilets go through over the years. You definitely don’t want toilet water making its way across your bathroom floors.
  • Leaking sinks. Much like toilet water, you don’t want a leaking sink getting water all over your bathroom floors creating a slippery hazard. This also comes from the amount of use. Company bathroom sinks actually experience more use than toilets.

Call All Clear to help

All Clear will be happy to take care of any kind of commercial bathroom plumbing or drain cleaning issue you’re having. While we typically fix problems like the ones mentioned above, we can also handle more unique calls. These would include issues involving things such as automatic shut off sink. We can work on wall-hung, wall-mounted and floor-mounted toilets, as well as urinals, sinks and showers.

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If you need replacements instead of repairs, here’s the best advice we can give you:

Don’t go cheap!

If you buy a cheaper product now, it will very likely cost you more later. Keep in mind, this is a business, not a home. You need sturdy enough products to hold up for years under a steady volume of use.

The good news is, in addition to repair and replacement, All Clear Plumbing also has access to the highest-level parts you need. These parts are specifically designed and built for the additional wear and tear a commercial bathroom goes through.

As a fellow business, we understand that plumbing problems are always of an immediate concern. If you have a plumbing emergency, we will do all we can to make your call our top priority. With six crews of experienced plumbers and apprentices, we usually can get to emergency calls very quickly.

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Our plumbers don’t work for commission, therefore they treat all jobs of equal importance. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The bottom line is, as a business owner your plumbing gets beat up more than most. Often preventative maintenance is the only way to stay ahead of a stressful situation. Luckily, All Clear offers competitive price and flexible service options that allow you to be proactive about plumbing concerns.

While we don’t do contracts, we do want to be your plumber of choice whenever you have a need. To that end, we can offer terms for our commercial customers.

For the best plumbing and drain cleaning service in the Upstate, call All Clear Plumbing today at 864-979-7059! You can also email us at [email protected]

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