How Can I Find Certified Plumbers Near Me? Tips to Select the Best

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How Can I Find Certified Plumbers Near Me? Tips to Select the Best


Whether you need an emergency pipe repair or are planning a big renovation project in your bathroom, hiring the right plumber is an absolute must. Finding the right plumber for the job can save you time, money, and frustration. 

There are over 400,000 plumbers operating in the United States. How do you find a plumber who’s most qualified for the job at hand? Sure, you can type “certified plumbers near me” into a search engine, but there’s a lot more to it than that. 

We can help. Keep reading for our top tips on how to find the best-qualified plumbers in Greenville, SC.

1. Ask Your Friends and Family for Suggestions

Odds are, someone you know has used a plumber in the past. Talk to the people you know about any experiences they’ve had with local companies. You can ask your friends and family members for valued insight. 

However, there’s no reason you can’t talk to other people you see on a daily basis. This can include your neighbors and coworkers. Just ask them “who are the most reliable plumbers near me?”

2. Check Social Media for Recommendations

One of the best tools at your disposal for finding a plumber is social media. Facebook, for example, has community pages where members can buy, sell, trade, and share information with other people in their community. While this serves primarily as a digital yardsale for people, it’s also a good place to find recommendations. 

Find a few of these local pages and request to become a member, which could take a couple of days based on the profile manager. Once you are accepted, log on and ask your community at large about the local plumbing services or companies. Just say, “I’m looking for good plumbers near me, who do you recommend?”

3. Check Online Reviews and Testimonials

Did you know that nearly 88% of consumers research products and services online before they invest? It’s exactly what you’re doing right now by reading this article. However, you can take it a step further. 

Most plumbers and plumbing companies publish their customer reviews online. Many times, you can find these reviews on their website. If not, check their social media profiles. 

Lastly, try using a search engine like Google. One of the best ways to understand the customer service and quality of a company is by going to the source – the customers.

4. Take a Look at Credentials

When searching for “certified plumbers near me,” you need to think about credentials. What makes a plumber certified or qualified for the work you need doing?

Most states in America require plumbers to hold a plumbing license. In these 44 states, a plumber cannot legally operate without one. You can check state government websites to look up plumber licenses. 

While there, you should also check to see if there are any formal complaints against the plumber or the company.

5. Make Sure They’re Insured

When narrowing down your list of Greenville plumbers, make sure your top contenders are bonded and insured. In the event that their work causes damage to your home (immediately or in the future), you need to make sure they will cover the damages.

This is also important for on-the-job injuries. An insured plumber can seek healthcare or worker’s comp through their company or insurance. Without it, they may look to you, the homeowner, for financial compensation.

6. Ask About Experience

No matter what the task at hand is, you want to hire a plumber who’s competent and well-trained. There are varying levels of plumbing experience – apprentice, journeyman, and master. While you don’t need a master plumber for every job, it’s important that the plumber you hire has experience with your needs. 

For example, some plumbers specialize with basic repairs and pipework while others specialize in home remodels and renovations.

7. Find Out If They Offer Any Warranties

When searching for “certified plumbers near me,” you may want to take a look at the warranties or guarantees offered by the top contenders. You want a plumber who backs up their work.

If something goes wrong due to plumber error, you need to know the problem will be taken care of without additional cost to you. If they repair a water leak that opens back up a week later, you shouldn’t be responsible for that.

8. Compare and Contrast Pricing

As a responsible homeowner, it’s only natural that you want to get a fair price for plumbing services. It’s important to keep experience, warranties, and workmanship in mind in terms of costs. You often get what you pay for. 

However, you should be wary of paying inflated prices for simple repairs because of a plumber’s experience. While they’ve earned the right to charge more for their work, paying an extra couple hundred dollars for a routine repair isn’t necessary.

9. Learn About Payment Options

Most people in the United States live paycheck to paycheck. Aside from taking out a loan or using a credit card, many homeowners can’t afford large upfront payments for bigger projects. For example, remodeling a bathroom that requires rerouting plumbing can be expensive.

Learn about any payment options the plumbers in your area offer for big projects like these. It may be a determining factor in your decision-making process.

10. Assess Their Communication Skills

Finally, when searching for a Greenville plumber, remember that customer service is of the utmost importance. This includes communication skills:

  • How do they treat their customers?
  • Do they listen to your concerns?
  • Do they take the time to answer your questions and explain things to you?
  • Are they patient with you?
  • Do they get back to you in a timely manner?

Quality workmanship is important, but how plumbers treat their customers is vital to their customer service.

Are You Searching for “Certified Plumbers Near Me?”

If you find yourself looking for “certified plumbers near me,” we urge you to take your time and make the best decision. Our website is dedicated to informing homeowners and business owners to help them find the right plumbers for their unique needs. 

Feel free to take a look at our services to see if we can help you with whatever work you need. And if you’re ready to get things done, schedule an appointment with us today.

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