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Sewer Line Broken or Blocked?

We Replace and Repair Sewer Lines

The most valued investment someone owns is typically a home, maybe a business. As such, property owners may spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year in upkeep on their property. Broken sewer line repair is one of those dreaded expenses.

Something that’s typically used constantly throughout the day, but never seen is a sewer line. It’s easy to forgot about – or not even think of doing anything with – a sewer line, until something goes wrong. A broken sewer line repair doesn’t have to be scary or unnecessarily expensive.

Without being able to see the broken sewer line needing repair, how can you know if something’s going wrong down there? Fortunately, there are some warning signs:

  • Gurgling noises and/or lack of water in your toilets.
  • Slow draining or completely stopped up bathtubs or sinks.
  • Consistently damp spots in your yard.
  • Sinkholes beginning to form in your yard.
  • Noticeably smelly areas of your home or yard.

An obvious sign of a sewer line problem would be standing sewage in your yard. If any of these conditions are taking place, you could need a sewer line replacement or repair.

It’s vitally important that whatever the issue is, it gets fixed. The longer it goes broken, the more waste you are leeching into the ground, which is an EPA violation.

Determining what you truly need is very important. Let the buyer beware when being advised that you need to replace an entire sewer line. This can be a major expense and disruptive to your yard. Therefore, you need to call a plumber you can trust to make sure the job is done right the first time.

At All Clear Plumbing, we have the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to give you peace of mind when dealing with a project of this magnitude. Our qualified plumbers each have at least 100,000 hours of experience each.

On a sewer line repair, our plumbers will typically use a camera line inspection first. That view will give us a clear vision as to what is causing the problem.

There are three basic things that can make a sewer line go bad: age/pipe condition, tree roots and poor installation.

Many older homes may still have original terracotta sewer pipes. Terracotta is a clay-based ceramic that has been around for centuries and is often found in sculptures, flower pots and bricks.

While terracotta is still used to make beautiful artwork and pottery, it can be pretty ugly when it comes to sewer line work here in the 21st century. The clay is vulnerable to leaks and tree root intrusion. When a plumbing company makes sewer line repairs to a terracotta line, a more reliable piping such as PVC is typically installed.

While PVC and concrete pipes are less susceptible to intrusion damage, powerful tree roots can still be a problem for sewer lines. This could even be true for newer homes, especially ones constructed on properties that contain mature trees.

According to the University of Tennessee Extension, no tree should be planted within 10 feet of a sewer line. Fast-growing, thirsty trees should probably be planted 20-30 feet away.

If the camera line inspection reveals nothing more than a clog, All Clear Plumbing can easily solve your issue with a simple drain cleaning. We have two hydro-jets that we use for drain cleaning jobs, big and small.

A drain cleaning is a huge savings over having it repaired or replaced. However, if you must have it repaired or replaced understand that a repair job done right will last at least 50 years. Barring any forces of nature beyond anyone’s control, no home or business owner should ever have to have a sewer line replaced more than once in their lifetime.

Some things to be aware of prior to a sewer repair:

  • A job this large will probably require a county permit because of the safety codes that need to be met.
  • It will definitely require a utility company being contacted to locate buried electrical and gas lines. The normal time frame for this to occur is five business days. These electrical and gas lines must be marked prior to any digging.
  • Our plumbers will have to dig in your yard. Digging can cause some change to a lawn as the excavation site is visible. All Clear Plumbing will back-fill the excavation site and put down straw in preparation for the homeowner to re-sod.

These jobs typically get done in one day, but they are major jobs. Home and business owners are responsible for the pipes on their property, once they branch off the main line.

Master Plumber Scott Smith and his crew of seasoned professionals will provide quality plumbing services at a fair price. All Clear Plumbing employees are career plumbers, not plumbing technicians. Plumbing technicians are used by some companies and have only been taught the basics of using plumbing equipment. Because of its high standards of service and competence, All Clear Plumbing is the fastest growing plumbing company in the region.

If you are having a sewer line issue, please call All Clear Plumbing today at 864-979-7059!

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