Our Commitment to the Black Community

AllClear 9:09 pm
s a family, as a company, and as allies and accomplices to the black community and communities of color, we grieve the lives lost to police brutality. We are angry and ashamed at the generational violence, oppression, and suppression that has become so embedded in American society that it could only be called institutional.

Yes, this statement is late. We waited, some would say too long, to publicly address our stance on this issue, even as it has weighed heavily on our hearts. 

Our silence has not been idle. We have been reading, listening, and learning.  

All Clear Plumbing is committed to being a part of the solution with words and actions. Here are a few of the steps we are taking:

– We are talking, openly, about the challenges and fears faced by black employees. Our commitment is to create an equal and comfortable workplace for all employees.

– We are conducting a thorough review of our hiring processes to eliminate any embedded systemic racism. Our team should reflect our community in representation – we acknowledge we have work to do there.

– We will make a conscious effort to purchase from minority-owned small businesses.

– We will focus on advocacy efforts and donations on causes that improve the lives of black people and communities of color.

– We will use our privilege to stand up and speak out against injustice when we see it. 

– We will speak and lead with love and respect and compassion. 

Our goal is to put diversity and inclusion at the center of our culture. We will make mistakes. We HAVE made mistakes. But our commitment is to continuous improvement. 

That commitment is the best way we can honor the legacy of the fallen and the disenfranchised, and support a future where Black Lives Matter.