Bathroom Plumbing Repair

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Bathroom Plumbing Repair

Toilets, Showers, Tubs, and Sinks

When it comes to things that can go wrong plumbing-wise, there’s nowhere quite like a bathroom.

Some of those are easier to notice than others. If you have standing water in your sink that isn’t draining, you obviously have a clog. If you have no water being produced by your sink you obviously have a problem, it’s just not obvious what that problem is.

The good news is All Clear Plumbing has courteous, knowledgeable plumbing crews that can diagnose and repair any and all bathroom plumbing malfunctions. Our crews have also basically seen it all when it comes to bathroom problems. 

Let’s take a look at common problems for each bathroom device that connects to plumbing as well as some tips for preventative maintenance of them.


You know how annoying the sound of a slow drip of a bathroom sink’s faucet can be? It becomes much more annoying when your water bill goes up. It’s always best to call a professional plumber to determine what’s causing your leak to prevent a small annoyance from turning into a larger one.

Over time a bathroom sink will undoubtedly become clogged, especially ones used by men who shave every day. As hair builds up in the drain a clog begins to form, which is noticeable as water has a harder time disappearing down the drain. It may be tempting to run out and buy a liquid drain cleaner to solve your clog problem. But if there’s one thing we can’t stress enough on this page, do not do that.

You shouldn’t use liquid drain cleaner for the same reason you shouldn’t pour grease or oils down your drain. Over time, the same chemicals that remove whatever’s clogging your drain can also begin to break down the drain pipes themselves. This can lead to much more expensive repairs down the road.

Your best bet to unclog your drain is to call All Clear. Our plumbers can expertly unclog your drain using anything from a simple hand tool to a high-tech drain cleaning device such as our small hydrojet.

Showers and Tubs

Showers and tub issues can occur with very little warning. There are also a surprising number of things that can go wrong in a shower or tub. For instance, there can be leaks around the drain or clogs. There can be slow leaks from the faucet or sudden breaking of valves that keep the water from being able to be turned off. The list goes on. As a rule of thumb, the faster you address the issue, the less costly it will be in the long run.

Much like sink drains, shower and bathtub drains are easily susceptible to becoming clogged over time. Again, the culprit here is typically hair as well. Drain covers that you can either pull out or ones that are designed to keep hair out work really well.

Almost any shower or tub will likely spring a leak at the base at some point. This comes because of the buildup of mineral deposits or dried-out seals over time. A solution for this is installing a new shower cartridge.

Putting in a new shower cartridge is a common do-it-yourself job, as it seems fairly simple. But it can be tricky as cartridges can be difficult to get out without the proper tools. This can be frustrating for a do-it-yourselfer. Your best bet is to save the hassle and call All Clear to ensure your new cartridge is professionally installed.


Toilet parts, like flushing mechanisms and flush valves, wear out over time. In fact, the ceramic toilet itself has a limited lifespan that maxes out at around 15 years. All Clear can save you frustration and money troubleshooting running, leaking, or under-performing toilet issues. We offer tank rebuilds to extend the life of your toilet as well as replacement when necessary.

Like sinks, showers and tubs, toilets are also a drain, obviously. The problem here is a lot more can go wrong with them than other appliances.

The best way to try to avoid a big problem with your toilet is to never flush anything that isn’t either waste or toilet paper. You know those “flushable” wipes? Well they are “flushable” in the literal sense that they will go down the toilet when you press the flushing handle down. Just because something can be flushed doesn’t mean it should be. After enough “flushable” wipes get flushed, nothing else will.

“Flushable” wipes simply don’t degrade like toilet paper does. If you utilize a septic tank, you have to be even more careful with what you flush.

Like sinks, showers and tubs, toilets can also leak, although these may not be as easily seen. If your water bill increases, but you can’t figure out why your toilet could very well be leaking from the inside. We have a simple water coloring test that can tell our plumbers whether or not your toilet is leaking.

Toilet tank parts can also go bad. They are plastic and metal parts that live in moving water, so naturally they won’t last forever. We always recommend replacing the entire tank kit when one part goes bad because they typically age at the same rate.

Repairs and Replacement

Some of our customers are surprised to learn that in addition to repairing plumbing issues in your bathroom that need to be fixed, we can also replace them. This not only goes for installing new interior parts, but also put in new items such as showerheads, sink and tub faucet and fixtures and toilets and flushing handles.

Whatever your bathroom plumbing problem is, we have the best team in the Upstate to solve it. Call All Clear Plumbing today at 864-979-7059! 

I came home to find I had a slow leak from my upstairs tub valve that had water dripping from my first floor ceiling. I called a couple local plumbers and got voicemail. Desperate I called All Clear Plumbing hoping I was in their service area…I was not. Trina was very sympathetic and said she “might” be able to send someone and would call back if she could. An hour later, still trying to find someone local, she called, Ronnie was available. He showed up promptly and did a fantastic job on the valve and also fixed the toilet, which had a few issues. When it was all done my bathroom was leak free and cleaner than he found it. On top of excellent service, the total bill was less than I expected for the valve alone. I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much!

Jeanne C.

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