ACP Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Turn Back the Clock

All Clear Plumbing’s goal is simple. We strive to be a plumbing company that your grandparents would recognize. Given the fact that our plumbers have more than 150 years of combined experience, this may literally be true. Our concept is based on service over sales. We want to build relationships with our customers. We try to do that through fixing their specific issues, not by selling them unnecessary extras. Our plumbers don’t work for commission, therefore every job they’re called to receives the same amount of attention and detail.

Called All Clear and was given a preliminary quote over the phone, a pleasant surprise given how most of the bigger companies want to charge a dispatch fee even for estimates. All Clear’s phone quote was very reasonable and I scheduled service then. Prior to calling All Clear I had someone from one of the larger plumbing companies in Greenville come out and their “technician” quoted almost 4 times what All Clear quoted for the same work. Jim

Four Sales Tricks Some Technicians Use

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Many plumbing companies run on a business model past generations wouldn’t recognize. These companies are focused on sales before anything else. Plumbing technicians are hired based on sales history more than plumbing ability. They are held to high quotas, paid on...

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Advice for Hiring a Contractor

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All Clear Plumbing’s team of service plumbing crews can fix plenty of different types of problems within your home or business, but we can’t repair everything. So while we are the Upstate’s No. 1 choice when it comes to plumbing issues, there will undoubtedly be times...

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Built to be Different

After years of working for plumbing companies, Scott Smith grew frustrated with changes he noted in the industry. Scott’s passion is plumbing, not selling. In 2012, that passion saw Scott open All Clear Plumbing.

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