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Our Story

At All Clear Plumbing, we believe that every family deserves the dignity of quality plumbing at a fair price. We want every customer to feel like we’re taking care of their home like we would take care of our own.

We want to create quality jobs in our community and treat our employees like the skilled professionals that they are. When done right, the transaction is fair and equal to all parties. The customer gets their needs met, the plumber has a job they love, and our company thrives. We believe this is attainable if we stay connected to our community, lead with compassion, and remain grateful for the opportunities we have been given.

Our philosophy is to have a plumbing company our customers’ grandfathers would recognize. We don’t go for complicated sales techniques or offer different price levels to fix customers’ problems. Instead, we focus on an old-fashioned pricing style of time and materials.

Rather than sending in sales technicians, we simply come make the repair our customers call about. While we don’t go looking for additional problems on a service call, our plumbers are happy to look at any other issues at our customer’s request during the allotted time they are paying for.

Having a company prior generations would recognize lends itself to a family atmosphere that has literally been ingrained in our company from the start.

all clear plumbing family

Grandparents of Anja Smith and parents of Trina Smith.

How it began

After 20 years of experience in the plumbing business, Master Plumber Scott Smith decided to create his own company in 2012. He made the decision after watching the “best practices” in the industry evolve over the years in a way he was not quite comfortable with. As more and more companies started hiring plumbing “technicians,” whose measure of success was sales numbers, Scott resisted that change.

Shortly after deciding to go on his own, he was joined by daughter, Anja, and later his wife, Trina. The trio own and operate All Clear Plumbing.

Making it work

Each member of All Clear’s ownership group possess different attributes from prior work experiences. Those attributes have built All Clear into a thriving company.

Shortly after All Clear opened, the old-fashioned family business model struck a chord with the Greenville community. Our initial ambitions shifted as we realized the opportunity in front of us.

It quickly became apparent that Scott and his one truck weren’t going to be enough. Before the business turned six months old, we were searching for another truck – and another plumber – to meet customer demand.

When Anja hires a new plumber, prior sales rates never even enter her radar. Instead, she looks for what kind of plumbing, character and teamwork skills they possess.

Scott and Trina moved to the Upstate from Tampa, Florida in 1997. Both their daughters attended Mauldin High School. Back in Florida, Scott owned a landscaping company and Trina operated a daycare. That background helped them in their entrepreneurial efforts with All Clear.

After all the years of work Scott’s put in at various trades, his “old school” approach of doing business has never changed.

It’s a philosophy built on trust, of giving customers a quoted price for a job and sticking with it. Scott believes if you don’t have integrity, you don’t have anything.

Secretary of State Mark Hammond, left, stands with All Clear Plumbing owners Scott and Trina Smith after they received the 2015 Business of Integrity Award from the BBB.

Building a team

All Clear now has a fleet of trucks and a full team of plumbers as well as apprentices. Our apprenticeship program offers young professionals and those looking for a career change an entry-level chance of joining the plumbing industry.

All Clear’s family atmosphere lends itself to our plumbers working together as a team, as does having a set salary. A major reason Scott left the corporate world of plumbing was often seeing plumbers battle and bicker over commissioned jobs.

All Clear’s plumbers and apprentices show up at 7:30 a.m. each weekday to receive word on their first job of the day. After finishing their first job, plumbers check back in with the office to hear where they’re headed next. They don’t return to the office until all the jobs are done and all of our customers’ needs are met.

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