Common Plumbing Services

All Clear Plumbing performs a wide variety of service plumbing jobs for both residential homes and commercial properties. Service plumbing typically refers to the repair or maintenance of existing plumbing fixtures. We do not, at this time, offer new build, rough-in, or remodel work. Not sure if your problem fits our skill set? No problem, just call the All Clear Plumbing offices at 864-979-7059 where a live person is available to answer your questions.

Plumbing Emergencies

All Clear Plumbing specializes in service plumbing – in fact that’s all we do! That means that plumbing emergencies are part of the gig. We are no strangers to emergencies big and small and are always willing to answer that call. That’s why when you call All Clear Plumbing, you get a live person 24/7/365. Yep, even Christmas Day.

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Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Water heaters are vital appliances that we use everyday. As with most home appliances, water heaters have a limited lifespan and eventually need to be replaced. They are also prone to problems that can affect operation such as sediment buildup, damaged valves and tubes and faulty pilot lights. A professional plumber can inspect your gas, electric, tankless or hybrid water heater, repair it and help you choose a new water heater if needed.

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Drain Cleaning

Close attention to your home’s sewer and drainage pipes is essential to keep your home’s plumbing system in excellent working condition. Neglect of their maintenance can lead to blocked pipes, leaks, and an under-performing system, not to mention emergency repairs, which is why we recommend routine sewer and drain cleaning services by the All Clear Plumbing team of qualified plumbing professionals.

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HydroJetting or Water Jetting

One of the best ways to keep your sewers clean and in optimum condition is by having a professional plumbing company perform water jetting on your sewer lines. This portable, high pressure water system clears debris and scale from the inside of your pipes, effectively “cleaning” them. The effect is excellent for root removal or grease clogs. 

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Main Line Blockage

Warning signs of a main sewer line backup or blockage is if multiple drains or toilets in your home back up at the same time. Unfortunately, many people realize they have a main line issue when sewage backs up into their bathtub or shower. A complete blockage could lead to an expensive replacement so should be addressed immediately. 

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Toilet Repair or Replacement

Toilet parts, like flushing mechanisms and flush valves, wear out over time. In fact, the ceramic toilet itself has a limited lifespan. All Clear Plumbing can save you frustration and money troubleshooting running, leaking, or underperforming toilet issues. We offer tank rebuilds to extend the life of your toilet as well as replacement when necessary.

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Shower & Tub Faucet & Drain Repair or Replacement

Showers and tub issues can occur with very little warning. There are also a surprising number of things that can go wrong in a shower or tub. For instance, there can be leaks around the drain or clogs. There can be slow leaks from the faucet or sudden breaking of valves that keep the water from being able to be turned off. The list goes on. As a rule of thumb, the faster you address the issue, the less costly it will be in the long run.

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Plumbed Appliance Repair

A “plumbed appliance” is any appliance in your home that has water or drainage service attached to it. Plumbed appliance repair would include garbage disposals, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. All Clear Plumbing can both repair and replace these appliances as well as perform maintenance on the pipes connected to them.

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Drainage Maintenance

There are plenty of instances where a property owner might face a drain that is prone to clogs or blockage, but where the issue isn’t prevalent enough to warrant a replacement. Or, perhaps the owner isn’t financially ready to pay for a replacement. In these cases, it might be recommended that the drain be put on a maintenance plan so that emergency clogs are prevented.

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Sewer Line Root Removal

Roots can wreak havoc on pipes underground. If your property features mature trees near your sewer lines, be prepared for this issue. Root issues can cause drain slow downs or complete backups, depending on the severity of the issue. It can also cause foreign objects, like feminine products, to get caught on the pipes and cause further backup.

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Smoke Tests

Most often used when there is a sewer odor that can not be traced. Usually the issue is a cracked pipe in a slab or behind a wall. All Clear Plumbing has a unique technology to handle this issue. We have a machine that creates a dense, non-toxic smoke which we release into your sewer system. We call it asmoke test. Then, we sit back and wait.

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Backflow Testing, Repair or Replacement

Backflow testing is required by the water municipality to prevent contamination between gray water systems and the water supply. It is most often required for commercial properties, however homeowners with an irrigation system might get a notice requiring this test. All Clear Plumbing can perform the test and submits the paperwork on your behalf.

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Frozen Pipes

While winters in the Upstate of South Carolina are mild compared to much of the country, it is the element of the unexpected that leaves homeowners unprepared. While freeze warnings usually go out, it is easy to forget about things like outside faucets, old hose bibs, or laundry room sinks. And hey, even the best of us make mistakes.

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Don't See Your Problem?

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but instead a general overview of All Clear Plumbing’s most popular services. As a fully licensed plumbing agency with a Master Plumber in the field, we are capable of performing nearly any repair. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 864-979-7059 or submit a service request to see if we can help with your plumbing issue today!