A Plumber Costs … How Much?

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A Plumber Costs … How Much?

We very often get asked, when setting an appointment, how much a repair is going to cost. Other common questions include “What is your service charge?” or “How much does it cost for you to come to my house?” With All Clear Plumbing the answer isn’t so simple. We know, we know. Every business book, marketing guru, and consultant will tell us that is a terrible thing. Instinct demands sound bites, and one word answers. Your worst fear is that it is going to be expensive, so you want to hear a nice, round, flat number. We get it.

It’s in YOUR Best Interest

All Clear Plumbing doesn’t charge you a trip fee, so the answer is that it doesn’t cost anything for us to come out. We don’t have a service charge per se, either. Our fees are either based on an hourly rate, or a flat fee. Services that have flat fees are usually those that include specialized equipment. Things like drain cleaning, leak detection, and hydro-jetting are all flat fee services.

There are no hidden pricing schemes artificially lowering that first soundbite answer. No travel charges. No trip fee. No show-up charge. Just simple, predictable pricing.

For general plumbing repairs and maintenance, we charge for our expertise and time. That comes at an hourly rate. So, if we show up to fix a general plumbing problem the fees start at the cost of the first hour of service. Unless we go into a second hour, the only additional charge will be for parts.

Roughly 90% of our service calls are completed within one service hour.

This is better for you because, although it isn’t a soundbite answer, it is less expensive in the end.  We aren’t layering pricing or magically coming up with a number, we are basing our fees off of basic math and value.

What about Estimates & Problem Diagnosis?

An estimate is a predetermined approximated price for work we are to perform in the future. We base this number off of a reasonable assumption of time, personnel, and equipment necessary to complete the job.  It will always include labor costs, and may also include parts and necessary permit fees. Small jobs can sometimes be quoted over the phone, while larger, more complicated jobs, often require a site visit. We do not charge for estimates.

A diagnosis is a bit different. If you aren’t interested in scheduling, but would just like a diagnosis of your problem, we may charge a diagnostic fee. This is reasonable and considerably less than our hourly service rate, because it does not include any labor.

It’s Only Fair

Within the limits of our cost of doing business, we always aim for fair pricing. The best thing about the word fair is that it balances both the value of the work for the customer and the time and expertise of the plumber. What plumbers do isn’t often easy or simple, but it is important to the comfort and safety of you and your family. We love our jobs and couldn’t do them without you, the customer. It’s a symbiotic relationship. We realize that you might have had bad experiences in the past. We hope to offer you a better experience and earn your trust. Together, we can ensure that your family lives in comfort and the value of your home is protected for years to come.

I have been using All Clear Plumbing for the past 3-4 years. I have always found them to be both friendly and professional. Their rates are reasonable, and their work is top notch. In addition, they usually where able to schedule a visit the same day or a day later. When ever I have asked for advice they have provided it (free of charge). I strongly recommend this company.


Call a Plumber You Can Trust

Our family-run business believes in high quality workmanship, fair pricing, and transparent business practices. Our number one priority is taking care of your property as if it were our own. Our second priority? Keeping our promises to you, the customer.

The Clear Choice for Plumbing Repairs & Drain Cleaning in the Upstate is All Clear Plumbing.