Our Plumbers

Day in the Life of a Plumber

We were recently inspired by this great Career Spotlight to share what it is really like to be a service plumber. So many people have preconceived notions of what that might look like. For many, their minds immediately go to bathroom humor and buttcrack jokes. We have enough of a sense of humor to joke along […]

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Meet our Apprentice: Paul

Paul is All Clear Plumbing’s first apprentice. He came to us with no previous plumbing experience, having recently exited the Air Force. We thank Paul for his service to our country and are very excited to help him learn a new trade. You might see Paul working alongside one of our plumbers, helping and learning. […]

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Meet Our Plumbers: Arthur

Arthur is relatively new to All Clear Plumbing, but is quickly becoming a customer favorite. He recently moved to South Carolina with his family … all the way from Hawaii! Life on the island was very different, so he’s still adjusting. His first winter earned him the nickname Hawaiian Ice! (Don’t judge us, he started […]

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Meet Our Plumbers: Ronnie

Ronnie is a relatively recent addition to our team, but has been a plumber for about twenty years. He’s a quiet guy, but really knows his stuff and is always anxious to get to work. Ronnie has family in both South Carolina and Florida, including grandchildren that he enjoys spending time with. And as you […]

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Meet Our Plumbers: John

John was the first employee of All Clear Plumber and he’s been with us ever since! He and Scott go way back, and was a natural choice for our first plumber. His talent, craftsmanship, and work ethic are second-to-none. John’s experience in service plumbing is vast and he’s been working in the Greenville, SC area for a […]

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Meet Our Plumbers: Scott

Master Plumber Scott Smith

Scott isn’t just a plumber, he’s THE plumber! (You might have been wondering why his face is all over the website. Hopefully that makes sense now!) As the founder and owner of All Clear Plumbing, Scott has a master plumber’s license and holds our LLR. That’s a fancy license that just means you are in […]

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