home maintenance tips

10 Home Maintenance Tips Pros Say You Can’t Ignore

Home maintenance is one of those all-encompassing phrases that seems to assume we’ve all taken a masters class in home ownership. Come to think of it, that’s not such a bad idea – …
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How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Did you know that being in the South actually increases our risk for frozen pipes? That’s because builders don’t insulate or bury pipes nearly as deep. So when we get several days of sub-f…
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septic system additives

Septic Tank Additives

Are Flushable Septic System Treatments Worth It? There’s a buzzphrase for you: septic tank additives. Certain industry professionals started pushing these products several years ago with the promi…
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The Best Plumbing Pics on Imgur

If you haven’t lost hours of your life to the rabbit hole of the internet that is imgur, you’re really missing out. (Or being productive, whatevs.) It is the largest database of pictures a…
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